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Welcome to the Forums

To help you get started in the forums and understand how our forum works, we’ve created some steps below as a quick start guide to posting in the Scribblenuats Mobile community.


  • Before creating a thread, use the search box under the right of the forum header to search for the topic you wished to cover. There might already be an active conversation you can join!
  • If you have a question for a specific user outside the subject of a topic, please send them a private message.
  • If you want a user involved in a topic, you can mention them by putting their user name after an @ symbol. For example, @Aarone88
  • Please keep all discussions on topic for the board. Anything related to Scribblenauts mobile in general belongs in "General Discussion" there are boards for other topics, including, support and off topic. 
  • If a post appears to be offensive, trolling or spam, please report it using the Report inappropriate post link" on the post in question.
  • Please ensure you place all spoilers within spoiler tags 


There is some more information about how to use forum features such as Image posting and changing your Avatars HERE


Members of our forum are also rewarded with additional features and ranks the more they positively contribute our community! You can learn about those features HERE.


If you have suggestions on how the Community could be better, or if you are having trouble with your account, visit our Community Feedback section HERE.


If you haven’t already created a WBPLAY Account, you’ll need one to get posting. You can learn more about the in-game rewards received for owning a WBPLAY Account here, or get started creating your account by clicking HERE.


Welcome to the Scribblenauts Mobile Community. Have fun.



In order to ensure our community is an enjoyable and welcoming place as possible to discuss all things about your titles, we also have our Community Guidelines for behaviour on our forums. A quick summary of each rule can be found here to refer back to, but we highly recommend reading the full rules list HERE.


  1. Respect other members of our forum, and do not post any derogatory content
  2. Keep all discussions on topic for the forum you are posting in
  3. Offensive content of any nature is not permitted on our forums. If in doubt about the content of your message, message a moderator privately to check first.
  4. Profanity and slurs are prohibited in any format.
  5. "Bashing" or repeatedly posting a negative opinion on the same subject is not permitted. We welcome all opinions in the WB Play community forums, but they must be presented in a respectful manner without insult or impacting discussions.
  6. Do not respond in kind to posts that breach the Community Guidelines, including reposting or quoting said posts. Please report them using the Warning Icon at the bottom of the post in question.
  7. No spamming or advertising is allowed. If you want to share your fansite, please contact a moderator privately with your request. Empty posts, repeated posting of the same material, posting the same thread in multiple forums and “bumping” threads also falls under this category.
  8. You shall not impersonate any Game Studio (NetherRealm, Rocksteady, Monolith, etc) or Warner Bros employees, including by using a company logo in your avatar. You shall not impersonate another player or member.
  9. You cannot sell, market or promote on these forums.
  10. You may not form or participate in groups whose ideology is based on or resembles anti-religious, anti-ethnic, anti-sexual orientation, racist, or sexist philosophies.
  11. Abusing the Forum Reputation (Kudos) system in any way is not permitted
  12. You may not post or share personal information of any user of the forum of any kind, including sharing private messages, without express consent of that user.
  13. Only one account is permitted per user for posting to our forums.
  14. Moderation decisions are final, and public discussion of moderation decisions is prohibited.
  15. Do not violate any laws posting on this forum, including discussion of illegal activities. You must not violate or promote the violation of WB Games’ terms of service, code of conducts or license agreements.



Forum Ranks


A favorite feature across the forums would have to be multiple rank tracks. For nearly every game hosted here we have a unique track of ranks allowing you to show off your forum reputation in style. While there isn't much clear information, we wanted to offer it here. Currently we have five tracks availabile


  • Noob(default)- all of our new members are automatically part of the noob track, on this track you start at noob and work your way to UltraHyperMecha noob
  • Batman Arkham- for all our vigilantes. Starting at Year one Vigilante and working all the way up to Worlds Greatest Detective
  • Mortal Kombat- for Kombatants alike. Starting with Skilled Kombatant and working all the way up to the Kahn.
  • Injustice- ranks that any Injustice or DC fan are sure to enjoy. Starting at Unrelenting and working all the up to Defeater of Superman
  • Shadow of mordor- Start as Outcast and eventually find yourself as the Shadow of Mordor

Now for all of our tracks but the noob track, you'll need to contact either myself( @Aarone88@Solaris or @Punisher to get yourself on the desired track.



Hackers and How You Can Help


We've recently witnessed an increased amount of discussion around users who are believed to be hacking or using illegitimate means to compete in Online Battles. As a result, we realized that we've done an unsatisfactory job in educating you all on how we act on player suspicions. As a result, we've created this brief guide to give a bit of info on our banning processes, and to also give some better guidance on how you can all help us even the playing field for everyone.



Some Info on Suspension


There are a few systems in place to avoid having illegitimate players be rewarded in Online Battles. Firstly is the autobanning system, which is designed to ban users whose accounts have been detected by the system as being modified or altered in an illegitimate way. As the name implies, this system is automatic, which means that there is no one actively banning these users.


Another way that we even the field is by manually going in near the end of a season and banning those users who have been discovered as using hacks or other illegitimate means to climb the leaderboard. This process is for those users who practice a method that circumvents our autobanning system. If it's possible, we thereafter try to include a way for our autobanning system to also detect these users as well, but it's not always as easy as that. There are some players who continue to try and circumvent our system, developing new ways to have an advantage over other players using illegitimate means. As a result, we sometimes miss a few. That's where you come in.



How You Can Help


We understand the frustration in encountering a player who may be leveraging hacks or other unscrupulous means to gain an unfair advantage. That said, the least successful (and potentially harmful) option is to publish your suspicions regarding another user's legitimacy on these forums. It makes it more difficult for the information to get to our team, and also creates potentially undue suspicion and hostility toward players who may very well be legitimate. Our team here has tools available that allow us to dive into an account and check for sure whether or not a user's account has been modified using illegitimate means.


If you suspect that a player is using hacks or exploits to climb the leaderboards or happens to use unreleased challenge characters in multiplayer, then your best option is always to reach out to our Support Center, and let them know that you suspect a player of cheating. We'll investigate the case, and if it's decided that the user has been using illegitimate means, then we will move forward with appropriate action. Please keep in mind that any action we take with an account is completely confidential, which means that we're unable to share the results of our investigation, including whatever action we may decide to take.


To contact Support, whether to report hackers or to report any other issues, please visit the link below and provide whatever information you feel is applicable. We'll make sure a take a look.





Below, we've included a current list of both our Admins and our Moderators for the Kombat Scribblenauts forums. If you ever need assistance with anything relating to this forum (reporting a post or user, or even just to say "thanks"), then please feel free to PM anyone on the lists below.





Elder Mods




Community Moderators










Keep in mind that our moderators are not employees of WB , and do not represent the opinions of the company in any official capacity