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Worm looking like a Captain, lol

Was playing in the open world last night after finishing up an Ambush mission (Seregoth).   Completing the Ambush I was notified there were 'new Captains added' so I immediately went into Wraith mode to loook for Worms, and there was one Worm (green filled grunt) that had a Captain emblem above their head, lol.   He was running away from me, as most worms do when they spot you.  So I gave chase (he was panting/grunting in his haste to run away) and finally caught up to him with shadow brand.   In that 'shadow brand' lighting, I could see he had a feather helmet like some Captains wear  and was holding a flame weapon, but he otherwise acted like a worm and he gave me Intel on that new captain I found from the Nemesis/Army screen.   Once Intel was given, Talion crushed his neck and the worm dressed and ID'ed as a /captain fell to the ground dead, dropping his flame weapon in the process.   Now I know some grunts carry flame torches, but this worm's had a Captain's flaming 3-pronged weapon (in addition to his feather helmet) - butt the captain's 'coat of arms' symbol above his head while he was alive was the dead giveaway of his 'Captainhood'.  Although in the end he acted and died like a worm, sad.   .