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Urgent before update release

Perhaps you already have solved this, and it's included in the update, but there is a problem with orcs. When you send an orc to the garrison and then back to the game, that orc doesn't get new traits when he levels up. That hasn't been that much of a problem up to now. Now that orcs can level up to level 80, I'm afraid all my level 60 orcs that have been moving around the garrison a few times already won't get any new traits when they level up to 80 once the update is out.
I know the update is a few days from coming out, but perhaps it's easy to solve or you could add it in another patch. Thanks Monolith for your time
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Re: Urgent before update release

Interesting if this holds true across all platforms at all times.    I've never actually tested this out, all the ones I've moved to Garison are already level 60 before redeploying elsewhere, so besides the odd specific enragement they can't gain anything.   Will keep what you stated in mind when the July update is released, and keep tabs each time the level 60's sourced out of the region are levelled up.    If this is the case, if none gain any strengths and/or lose/reduce weaknesses (61-80), it will definetly impact approach and strategy.