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Revenants don't have cursed nor poisoned weapons

Hi there


so,  the skill to give cursed weapons yo revenants is active, yet they have normal weapons, not cursed,

same for poisoned weapons, 



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Re: Revenants don't have cursed nor poisoned weapons

When issues like this happen, I generally load another game (to clear SoW from memory/cache) then restart it, and generally things go back to 'normal'.    I'm on Xbox One.    Just to be clear, the skill that allows 'Revenants' to have Fire, Curse or Poison weapons affects ONLY those that are raised as the last action before your Elven Wrath runs out.    If you just raise dead with your Might bar full (or with certain Legendary gear that uses your health to draw on), it does not give them weapons with any element.    I just assumed that is the way it was designed to work (e.g. not all 'Undead' non-Captain grunts/ologs will have element on their weapon if that skill is active).