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Rebalancing of Captains for July patch (v1.2x)

The following is in support of the 'Rebalancing of Berzerkers' thread (link below) that was generated in response to the negative changes implemented (specifically the general weakening of Captains) to the game by the v1.19 patch.   It lists many negative results of these rebalancing changes and why it has killed/removed the motivation to continue playing the game for many players


Taking up @MonolithMark suggestion to offer solutions/recommendation to improve/revert those changes, here is the list directly from the Patch Notes with responses.   Following this are some recommendations on how to approach and improve the balancing issue for the coming July v1.2X patch.  



  1. Increased the variability of levels of Orc Captains in late game. Now, more Captains could appear lower than the player’s level, particularly on high difficulty settings.    Ans: Good
  2. Significantly increased the damage grunt Orcs deal to Captains, making them a greater threat. Ans: Ok
  3. Tuned Gravewalker difficulty Ans: Ok
  4. Tuned player damage against Orcs of vastly higher level. They will go down faster. Ans: Increase that tuning back to at least 80% to  100% of what it was in v1.17.  
  5. Reduced rate of Orc power growth in late game. Ans: Ok.  
  6. Reduced animation speed of certain defender spear attacks.  Ans: Ok
  7. Reduced damage of multi-hit attacks on Gravewalker difficulty.  Ans: Good
  8. Reduced life steal on certain Berserker special attacks. Ans: Revert back to at least 80%  to 100% of what it was in v1.17 for all Berzerker's affected
  9. Reduced damage of certain Orc special attacks against other Captains. Ans: Revert back to at least 80%  to 100% of what it was in v1.17 for all Orcs affected
  10. Moderately decreased damage of Orc Captains against other Orc Captains at high levels, giving the player more time to intervene. Ans: Revert that 'moderate' value back by 50% (e.g. closer to the value of what it was in v1.17) 
  11. Corrected too-high Wrath recovery values on certain sword gear properties. Ans: Good
  12. The Frost explosion triggered by the Legendary Bright Lord ranged weapons no longer affects allies. Ans: Good
  13. Fixed an issue in Gravewalker difficulty where Orcs could sometimes allow stealth attacks after spotting the player. Ans: Good

Additional changes:


A) To help balance other Orc Classes (if needed) as a result of reverting back to v1.17 status in regards to points #8 and #9, one of the 'simplest' things you can do is one or a combo of the following:


 i) Boost all health (or equivalent) values of every non- or extremmely slow health regenerating Captain by ~5-10% (this value would have to be settled on during testing accordingly).  




ii)  Boost all strength/damage (or equivalent) values by ~5-10% of every non- or extremmely slow health regenerating Captains  (this value would have to be settled on during testing/balancing accordingly). 


B)  Across the board health (or equivalent) bump by ~5% (this would be accumulative with A above) for all thin and/or short body-type Classes:  Crossbow wielders (incl Marksman), Hunters and skinny Warrior types (e.g slaves).  


The idea, philosophy and approach to these suggested changes is to first and foremost NOT weaken the existing strongest classes but to boost the 'weakest' ones accordingly.    The strongest Class (arguably the Berzerkers) also come with the highest risk to your army and allies (eg killing their own at a much higher rate then any other  - most notably in Fort Defense trios). The approach taken in v1.19 was to weaken the strongest by severely reducing these advantages while maintaining all their negatives.  Keep in mind  these changes are based on NORMAL gameplay level, the ONLY level that is in play during ONLINE SIEGES and Vendettas..   This is not about 'well if you want more of a challenge play on Gravewalker or Brutal setting'.  That argument is irrelevant under these circumstances and to this disussion of balancing Captains.  There are no difficulty settings currently other then NORMAL for these online game playing activities, so all testing should be done with that in mind and geared accordingly.   Personally, I play on Nemesis the majority of the time as it provides you with the best opportunity to recruit, manage, save and test Captains.  I often play on Gravewalker or Brutal when I'm more into the challenge of open world, local game play outside of recruiting Captains and doing/supporting Online activies.   


In the end, the game needs to reward players who have 100% it yet continue to play by refocussing their time/effort into Captain recruitment and Fort Defense/Assaults via Online Sieges (e.g NORMAL difficlulty setting).  This can be maintained (as it was in v1.17)  by providing those with the opportunity to target, find, test and recruit uber-strong Captains, those that stand out from the pack against Tallion and/or other Captains.   The v1.19 balancing changes have removed these unique Captains from existing in the game, has made the game (and Online Sieges) even easier as a whole, reduced and narrowed the range and uniqueness available amongst Captains and removed one of the biggest motivators for continued playing.