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Please fix my bugged army!

I have slots all over my fortresses that are bugged.  They are black holes.  If I try and replace an orc, or command an orc in the slots - the orcs dissappear never to be seen again.  The slots appear empty, when I try to command the orcs the UI flys off into the mountains.

Seregost, Nurnen are the worst.  All three of those empty slots in the screenshot are black holes where orcs never come back.  


The problem is spreading.  This problem started out with one slot, then two - and now it's two army slots and a warchief.


I've lost 20+ legendary orcs to this bug, and I've reported it three times.  Please fix this mess!

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Re: Please fix my bugged army!

That sucks 😞....but they don't want or discourage taking every slot,nem system needs slots to function