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Hostile Takeover - Never Unlocked (Finished the entire game)

So I managed to finish the entire game the other day. Got every single achievement (even trolling....) but somehow Hostile Takeover (Defeat a Warchief) never unlocked. Not to mention that it is a Story Based achievement which is unmissable, and as you can imagine I defeated many Warchiefs throughout my journey.


I even went as far as deleting my entire save file. Starting a new game and playing up to the part of the story where you defeat your first warchief, and it still didn't unlock. I know this might sound silly to most people but having this game sit at 98% complete is really bugging me. 


I have done hard resets on my console, unplugged it, started a new game, and waited 2 weeks after the achievement should have unlocked (should have gotten it on Dec 28th). I have run out of any other ideas, is there any other remedy for this?