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Game glitch - Falling forever

Last night was playing a 'Chase' mission, helping a follower defeat the lvl 62 guy who was chasing him.   As soon as the mission ended (i shamed the unbranded Captain while my branded Captain survived) a 'Rebellion' mission started.   It had 2 Captains turn on me, and one of my followers had his throat slit and was awaiting me to 'revive' him.   My other branded Captain from the Chase mission only had a sliver of his health left from his previous fight, and one of the rebellious Captains turned on him first and killed him immediately (cut his head off).     As I ran around and turned to help my slowly dying other branded Captain, Talion 'slipped' through some void close to an Orc tent emcampment and simply fell forever, outside the map into never land, lol.   I could do nothing but watch as the screen blurred while he fell into obivion.  After about 10 seconds of falling the mission (Rebellion) ended (presumablly because I went outside the area?) and I resurrected on one of those respawn towers.   I checked the Army Screen and sure enough both those branded Captains were dead, and those Rebellious captains remained unbranded.  I immediately targetted the Legendary rebellious Captain as he did not have Iron Will and he did not kill my other weakened Captain so his lvl remained 60 (and recruitable).  The other Captain was now lvl 63.   When I did face off with that Rebellious lvl 60 Legendary he said 'you ran off last time we met, you will not run off again' or something - so the game when I fell and gltiched out saw this as a running away, not a death.