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Fight pits arranged?

Something very weird just happend to me i tried to equip my lv 60 orc a poison weapon and it said this orc already have a poison weapon and he clearly dint have any that was at my first fight so im like ok weird i will check at the fight if he has one. And he dint have one and he won so i do my second fight and he wons again the i try again to put the poison weapon no says he already has one again. I go in my third fight he wins and guess what he gains in epic trait. Yup poison master and poison weapon! So is it pre determined that they win starting at the first fight??
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Re: Fight pits arranged?

The fights seem to be against offline players. So it's not random. Also I end up challenging orcs that gain rapid health. No matter how much my fighter damages them, the health gains back from the enemy and defeats my fighter. I play Xbox one. And have recorded videos of this happening multiple times. I would say yes.
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Re: Fight pits arranged?

Its rigged just like the sheyat bungie was doin with Destiny 2, to push loot box junk