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Epic Trait Pair of Dire Catagors = buggy

Last night during a session of Champion Pit Fights (in Gorgoroth) the system generated a Legendary Orc with 'Pair of Dire Catagors' as his 2nd Epic Trait.   I wanted to brand him, so I slotted in a weak Captain from the Garison to face off with him.  My branded guy died, and after the fight I Shamed the Legendary to remove his Iron Will.   I then searched and found him in the open world, and Branded him succesfully.   He had no element on his weapon nor any Gang, so I gave him a "Fire Weapon' first.  I checked his Traits afterwards and the 'Fire Weapon' trait showed up below the first Epic Trait he had (Great Strength or whatever).  His 'Pair of Dire Catagors' trait was 3rd in the list - something is not right.   I returned to the apply trait menu and hovered over an Epic Trait to see what it would replace on my Legendary.  The text stated: 'Would replace this follower's Fanatical Warriors' trait.  Well my Legendary had no such trait.  Feelinga bug, I took a chance to test this and selected the non-Epic trait of 'Gang of Warriors' and gave it to him (no warning by the system when I did that in terms of replacing anything he currently had).  Sure enough, when I checked his traits his 'Pair of Dire Catagors' Epic Trait was gone, replaced by 'Gang of Fanatical Warriors', and both Epic Traits appeared at the top of his list (hierarchy was working).  So no more Pair of Dire Catagors.   That is a game bug  - there's a recognition issue with the game, somewhere within the system, that does not fully support the Pair of Dire Catagors Epic Trait.