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Daylight robbery

Well I was having a great time playing the game. I've earned a lot of the currency so I thought I'll open some loot boxes......


I got some legendary orcs (6 in total) to play with so I assigned them to nurnen.


Spend some time walking round grinding some basic orcs and go back to the army screen to find they have all been replaced with rubbish captains. The most I did was spend 20 minutes collecting gondor relics and one pit fight.


Is there anyway to get these back? Loot boxes don't have the best reputation at the moment but to get something good and have it taken away shortly after is ridiculous!!

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Re: Daylight robbery

This happened to me too!! I rolled legendary orcs using paid mythril loot boxes, I appointmented many to Nuren region (as it was my weakest region). 2 of my best legendary orcs just vanished in thin air. I noticed it as I appointed all my legendary orcs for siege. I remembered 1 at particular because he had pretty good stats(stats very hard to find even in legendary). He was a Savage assassin with one epic as thick skinned, had almost no weakness 4 immunities(elemental immunities best you can get). They were replaced by stupid level 50 orc captains which were common . I am sure I didn't advance the time, all I did was tracking and hunting to make space for more captains. They vanished in thin air. I want my mythril chest loot back.
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Re: Daylight robbery

for me this happend when the dlc tribes where released i didnt even buy it back then and i had a necromancer he was a hunter assassin with a ram helmet called the gravewalker, he also had the wraith skin almost like the undeads and he was super resilent he had arrowproof frostproof and something else could have been stealth or execute dont remember exactly however he just vanished and i was even in the region during this so there was no way i would have gotten him killed he wasnt on a mission neither did i put him in the pits this is a very annoying problem it only happend on a few orcs but it feels like it robbed me of the best