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Community Challenge Resetting

My community challenges reset themselves in between sessions. By this I mean that one day I log on and make progress on a challenge, take a break for a few hours or a day, come back and everything I did is gone. Yesterday I logged on and I recruited 3 Trickster warchieft, today I log on and it reads 0! 

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Re: Community Challenge Resetting

Same thing happened to me, but I wonder if that is supposed to be "as designed". I find it annoying myself, but I could see them saying: " Well, it is supposed to be a challenge."


Note about the Challenges concerning dominating a certain number of a specific class: Nothing prevent you from dominating the same guys over and over again. This is what I did with the Tricksters. Finf one, dominate him, and then use the "Shun" order immediately to kick him out. Then find him again, rinse and repeat until done.

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Re: Community Challenge Resetting

It even works with orks from the market. Find one with matching class put him in the army and repeat dominate 4 times...
But this challenge without the trick would really suck because it cost a lot of time to find orcs with the needed class. The older challenges made much more fun.
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Re: Community Challenge Resetting

I have same issue.