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Bug: Graug Hunter of Minas Morgul DC won't complete.

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The DC says:
Take down the mighty graugs of Minas Morgul

Kill Graugs in Minas Morgul: 0/1

50 Gold


I found graug bait in only one place, in the city.  I failed to deliver the killing blow.  The bait did not respawn.  Near one of the Haedir towers, I found a graug in a cage.  I killed it, definitely landing the final blow.  DC didn't complete.  I fast traveled to the same Haedir to reload the graug, and tried again.  Definitely killed it, and did almost all of the damage.  The DC didn't complete.  I fast traveled again, and killed the graug in the cage with MY graug.  The DC didn't complete.  At this point, after five more fast travels, the graug did not respawn.  I had to leave Minas Morgul and come back for it to respawn.  When it did, I thought the problem might have been that I had a graug as my summonable mount, so I switched it to a dire caragor, and killed the graug (without summoning the mount).  The DC didn't update.  I fast traveled again, and killed the graug from the cage by shooting it in the mouth when it was almost dead, to stun it, then killing it with my sword.  The DC did not update.  I aldo tried summoning my graug mount and killing it with my sword, and by dispatching it with Destroy Followers.  The DC did not complete.

Five graugs from a cage, none of them counted.  The bait I found only respawned when I left the zone and returned.  There were so many orcs in the area that I couldn't get the final blow in with two tries.  After seven attempts to complete this DC, I give up.  The challenge should be in completing the DC, NOT in figuring out what is and isn't allowed as a method of killing the single enemy required to complete it.  The only thing I got out of this was that caged graugs isn't allowed, and killing your own isn't, either.  If it wasn't for the 50 gold, I would have quit after two graugs.  This is frustrating.


To sum up:

Expected: The DC says to kill a graug in Minas Morgul.  I killed five.  I expect one of them to complete the DC, as no other constraints except in which zone to kill them are given.
Bug: After five graugs are dead at Talion's hand, in multiple ways, the DC did not update.


Edit: I replaced the DC.  Tried it once more before I did.  Still couldn't get the killing blow on a baited graug (just bad luck), but caged graugs still didn't count.

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Re: Bug: Graug Hunter of Minas Morgul DC won't complete.

I’m having the same issue. I just killed four different Graugs....first time I summoned one and killed it but it didn’t count so I assumed maybe it couldn’t be a summoned mount. Was able to find a graug in a cage....broke it, dominated it, killed it....didn’t count. Then I found two more Graugs sitting over in the circular arena in the top corner of the city so I decided to take them on without domination, thinking that maybe they wanted me to deliver the killing blow without domination....killed em BOTH....STILL NO reward.
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Re: Bug: Graug Hunter of Minas Morgul DC won't complete.

I didn't have this problem, although I completed this challenge a few days ago now (assuming it was the same challenge you are describing).   I don't bother using bait or unleashing one from a cage, I simpy call my own, mount it and dispatch it by holding the right bumper.  I'm Xbox One.  It's the same method I use when it comes to killing Drakes in those challenges, and with Carigors there are so many around in most regions I just brand a wild one, spawn 2 others with the roar, kill two of them, mount the last one, spawn 2 more with a roar, kill those, repeat once more, kll the 5th and complete the challenge.