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Updates on Support/ Latest Updates

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Hi all,


We're aware that many of you are experiencing some bugs/glitches in their games, and we just want to let you know that the teams are diligently working on their fixes. I will be updating this message throughout the days to keep you all posted on their progress.


[Updated 25-04  6:54pm EDT] 


Hi all,


Patch 5 is now live.


This patch addresses the following issue in the Cold, Cold Heart DLC:

-Fixed the issue where some players would encounter infinite falling in My Alibi. Users who are currently experiencing infinite falling in this location should now be able to respawn in My Alibi.

The patch also addresses the following issue in the main game:

 -Fixed the issue where the Deathstroke Quickfire controls for the neural pellet and proximity bomb were not working.



[Updated 02-03 10:50am EST]


Dark Knight suit not possible to have undamaged


Hi all,


The Dark Knight suit that players unlock after completing all of the Dark Knight challenges currently has a bug that makes the suit have battle damage after being unlocked. The teams have looked into whether this bug can be resolved in the next patch, and unfortunately, have concluded that it cannot be done. The programming code on the skin is locked and there is a larger than expected amount of risk associated with fixing this bug that would compromise gameplay performance and framerate. 


Thanks for being passionate Arkham fans and thank you for your continued understanding and support.



Hi everyone,


Since the last patch, many of the major progression blockers in the game have been fixed. We understand that in rare cases, players are still experiencing some bugs and glitches in the game. The listed fixes for these platforms address the issues in a way that should prevent them from occurring again in the game, or fix them on the spot after you’ve downloaded the patch.


For those players still experiencing the bugs that we have listed as fixes in the latest patch, we recommend the following steps:


Please make sure that you are offline when you follow the below instructions. When prompted to sign in to Xbox Live, please do not do so. Also, please backup your saved games on any other storage device before doing this.



1) Go in Settings > System > Storage.  Highlight your Hard Drive and press the Y button.  Select Clear System Cache.  Confirm by selecting Yes.

2) Go in Settings > System > Storage > Hard Drive > Games and Apps and find Batman: Arkham Origins

3) Click on Batman Arkham Origins. You should see your saved games, DLCs, etc.  
4) Find the 15 MB game update called “Batman Arkham Origins Title Update” and delete it. 

5) Play Batman: Arkham Origins and refuse the update. Hit 'cancel'


If you still experience the bug after doing the above, please apply the patch and force a save (for example by traveling to the Batcave), then continue your game.


If, after you have tried the above steps, you still experience your bug, we would advise that you restart your game and start a new save file.


We want to thank everyone who have sent us their save games over the last couple of months. Your save games have made it possible for the dev teams to dig deeper into these bugs to try to find solutions for them.


We want to thank everyone for having been patient since the launch of the game. Your ongoing support and enthusiasm is greatly appreciated by all the teams at WB Games.




Joker fight progression blocker

[UPDATE: A new patch went live for PC that fixes the progression blocker where the final Joker fight cutscene couldn't be completed with Keyboard and Mouse]



Patch 3 is now live.


Hotfix Patch is Now Live

This hotfix fixes the following issues:

  • Prevent benchmark map from awarding XP and saving game progress, which would block players from going back to main game.
  • Prevent the Alt+Tab keystroke from pausing the game when in the benchmark map
  • Resolves future Benchmark save corrupting issues


Singleplayer save games after Patch 2

The teams are aware that some players have been losing their singleplayer progress since the Patch 2 on PC. Specifically, using the Benchmark mode has caused some saved games to be lost. The teams are currently working on a fix for this issue and are planning to deploy a hotfix to resolve it sometime in the coming week.


All players who have lost their SP progress since Patch 2 while using Benchmark mode will not have their saved games recovered after this hotfix, as the issue prevents the save games from being salvaged. Meanwhile, we recommend that players hold on using the Benchmark mode while playing SP until this hotfix is deployed to fix the issue of future save games being lost.


We thank you for your patience and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.


Multiplayer Unlocks Resetting After Patch 2

Since Patch 2 some players may have noticed that their unlocks were missing in Multiplayer mode. To help mitigate issues while the dev teams work on a fix, players will not be able to play MP until this issue is resolved. Players' MP account info & unlocks have not been lost. We will keep you posted on any updates regarding this.


Thank you for your patience!


Activation Code Errors

For all players who have been getting errors trying to redeem their Steam keys: Our engineers have investigated reports of this issue and the problem should now be resolved.


If you are still unable to redeem your code, please let us know in this support board and also submit a support ticket at


[Moderator note: For all those still experiencing the infinite fallling issue even after downloading the latest patch, please send us your saved games with the issue at:]


How do I access Challenge Maps?


I am not able to access skins I purchased


I didn't receive my WBID verification email, or it arrived incomplete


I pre-ordered the game but did not receive the Deathstroke Challenge Pack

- Thanks to all members who took the time to share this solution with the community!


I want to use a different WBID for my console/PC but am already signed in


My language is not available on the PC version of the game



Patch 3 List of Fixes 


This patch is now LIVE.


Single Player

  • Made a fix so that 'regular' challenge maps will always unlock if the 'Extreme' versions are. Fixes issues of people reporting that Hard Time, Intensive Training and Quiet Waters challenge not being unlocked properly.
  • Removing Enigma side mission icons properly when collected from a different mode consistently.
  • Only award Initiation achievement when player is using the Initiation skin when requirements previously met.
  • Made Clean Streets trophy more forgiving. Now calculates completion of Most Wanted across all game modes, not just the one you're in.
  • Fixed an issue where Leaderboard ranks would not display correctly for some users
  • User can now execute a glide kick while in mid-glide, the same as on consoles.
  • Fixed an issue where players would get kicked back to the main menu when they lost their internet connection while in game or challenge mode.
  • Fix for an issue where unlocking a new character profile and viewing it could cause the wrong profile to appear.
  • Fixed an issue where users could not perform a Batwing Drop Attack using a keyboard & mouse.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing "Left Mouse Button" triggered QuickStrike twice, which negated Critical strikes in battle



  • Implemented Voice Chat in Multiplayer
  • Fixed a rare crash during MP game play
  • Fix for using consumables on PC
  • Fix for mouse cursor not returning on mouse movement within the front end and pause menu.
  • Fix for consumable description not updating in loadout once select has been pressed.
  • Fixed people getting dropped from Steam at the end of a round
  • Fixed crash when canceling purchase with Steam.
  • The Tab key is no longer bindable, but is hard set to control the Scoreboard command in MP.



  • Added mappings for keyboard buttons to Quickfire gadgets in both SP and MP.
  • Fixed an issue where users could not map controls to mouse buttons 4 & 5.
  • Fix Alt key state not getting reset after game loses and regains focus. This prevents user from hitting F4 and the game closing.
  • Fixed an issue on triple monitor setups where the menus may not be visible in full screen, and only the button callouts were visible.

Patch 2 List of Fixes

This Patch is now live.


  • Disabled invalid collision object in Mad Hatter level, which was preventing some people from crossing the river
  • Fixed 'secure area' bug with Gotham Bridge.
  • Fix for Deadshot quest not completing properly.
  • Fixed Black Mask drug stash/chapter mixup that would lock away some drug canisters.
  • Added the ability to run NVidia Benchmark feature from Options Menu.
  • Fixed a crash at the end of Deadshot.
  • Issues with MyAlibi should be fixed.
  • Fixed Bird thugs not spawning.
  • Fixed Fatal Error on Press Start screen.
  • Fixed bug making it impossible to grapple in bridge
  • Fixed sequencer not working properly in Gordon’s office.
  • Fixed elevator that couldn’t be boosted in Bridge.
  • Fixed issue with elevator not going back to the correct position in Sewers.
  • Numerous other more minor fixes.
  • Implemented Benchmark feature for optimizing graphical settings.
  • Fix issue where saving the game could stomp on other save data
  • Added additional code to prevent ‘infinite falling’ states.
  • Fixed an issue where players would be unable to grapple if they missed the helicopter in the Royal Hotel.
  • Fix for Bane not spawning again in FFC at start of the Prison level
  • Fixed the Bird side mission not starting properly
  • Immediately acquiring concussion detonator after using batwing now saves objective when fast traveling later
  • Added fix for not being able to get 100% because the Concept Art is measured out of 120 instead of the correct value of 80
  • Fixed another ‘infinite falling’ issue in GCPD
  • Fixed missing objective for Lacey Towers in certain scenarios
  • Fix for the player being locked behind a door by AI vs AI (user was stuck in Industrial District Enigma Tower)

Patch 1.8 now live. This Patch fixes the following:

  • Fixed buildings not properly loading when fast traveling
  • Disabled invalid collision object in Mad Hatter level, which was preventing some people from crossing the river
  • Fix for save corruption after Deadshot boss fight

Patch 1.7 now live. This Patch fixes the following:

  • Fixed Bane not spawning in prison
  • Fix elevator that won’t move when generator is charged in GothamBridge
  • Fix for getting stuck outside of GCPD shooting range
  • Fix Jezebel Plaza Objective never clearing away after interrogating Santa Hat Thug

Patch for PC is now live. This Patch will fix the following:

  • Fix for the issue that was causing credits, consumables, and profile progress to not be saved in Multiplayer.
  • Fix for the Burnley Tower vent that Batman wasn't able to climb up
  • Fix for Free Flow Focus mode not unlocking upon unlocking Shadow Vigilante rank 3
  • Fixed player falling through elevators/world in most cases. For players that were stuck in free fall loop; if you are not back into the game or if it looks weird around you when you load the game, here are the steps.
    • Go in pause menu and select Restart from Checkpoint.
    • If Restart from checkpoint didn’t work, trying beating up all enemies around you.
    • If there aren’t any enemies around you, try going through a door.
    • Those steps should get you back into the game.

This patch went live for the PC on 11-01:

  • Fix Black Mask side quest not being able to complete
  • Fixes the savegames where the player cannot select ‘continue’ (only new).  It also fixes the bug where the user is stuck in the Anarky Bomb mission, but cannot continue because the world isn’t properly loaded around them.
  • Prevents player from falling out of world through elevator after activating the switch and walking towards console




Knightfall Pack/1st Appearance Batman Skin Code missing/not working

Please contact Customer Support by going to


Infinite falling bug and Corrupted saves (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)

 [Edited 10-29 11:15pm EST]

Thanks to all the players who have emailed us with their saved games and explained their issues in detail. Your help in sending this will help the teams a great deal in terms of pinpointing the issue, finding their sources, and help discover what triggered them. These are issues that our teams have put as their top priorities to fix. As you may know, solutions may not come as quickly as you may hope, but rest assured that our teams are working diligently and as best they can to find a resolution and keep players updated.


Killer Croc flickering (PC)

Our teams are aware of this and are currently working on a fix,


Mouse cursor resets to outside of window at the start of a segment on Steam (PC)

Our teams are aware of this and are currently working on a fix,


Ranks are not in proper order on the Challenge Maps leaderboard. (PC)

Our teams are aware of this and are currently working on a fix,


Attempting to see the leaderboard when the user has never completed it displays an error message (PC)

Our teams are aware of this and are currently working on a fix,


Rooftop Snow Meshes look detached from the characters. Texture glitches in the Open World (PC)

Our teams are aware of this and are currently working on a fix,


Generally useful info for PC: Players can’t disengage the Batclaw on the floating rafts in the Final Offer. You have to hit the left control!





For those experiencing issues with Multiplayer mode, please view the Multiplayer Updates sticky where you will get the latest updates on the status of upcoming fixes.


[Updated 11-15 8:55pm EST]

A hotfix has just been deployed that fixes the following bugs for multiplayer:

  • Fix long loading times / black screen while the match is loading
  • Adding safeguard to prevent faction XP from being reset
  • Fixed Arkham Credits occasionally not being awarded on match completion

[Updated 10-29 2:30pm EST]

We just deployed a patch on PC that resolves the following issues in MP:

Multiplayer Fixes (PC)

  • Fixed player progression resetting when leaving the title
  • Fixed consumables not being used/applied when activated in the pre-match lobby
  • Fixed Arkham credits not being awarded after playing a match
  • Fixed cases where purchasing Arkham credits were not working
  • Reduced map vote countdown from 30 to 15 seconds
  • Reduced map start countdown from 10 to 5 seconds


We will update this message as we get more info on the fixes.



We thank you very much for your patience.


The Community Team


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