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Deadshot Mission Bug - SOLVED !

Hey, i had the Deadshot Mission Bug, where Deadshot disappeared after a silent takedown, the hostage was sitting at the floor and nothing happened, no matter how often i entered the bank. The mission couldnt be completed and was at 0% all the time.


Until now! I dont know if it was me, or if it was patched today, but i could play the Deadshot Mission again!

So here is what i did, step by step:


1. I opened the BmGame.ini (located in Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Batman Arkham Origins\SinglePlayer\BMGame\Config) with the editor/notepad (IMPORTANT: Make a safety copy of that file on your desktop or anywhere else!!!!!!)


2. I used the search function to look for entrys with "deadshot"


3. I went to the line which looks like this:
DebugLevelStarts=(Name="Deadshot - Mini Boss", LevelNames="start batentry?Area=Bank?Chapters=D,D3?Flags=MW_Deadshot_Activated?Flags=ChP1_StartSpeechDone?CreateSave", ItemOwnerID = 6)


4. I changed the line to this:
DebugLevelStarts=(Name="Deadshot - Mini Boss", LevelNames="start batentry?Area=Bank?Chapters=D,D3?Flags=MW_Deadshot?Flags=ChP1_StartSpeechDone?CreateSave", ItemOwnerID = 6)


5. I closed the file AND saved!


6. I started the game from steam and i got an error message which said that the BmGame.ini file was corrupted or something like that.


7. I replaced the changed BmGame.ini with my safety copy and started the game again.


8. This time i got no error message, started my story game and flew to the Bank, just as if i wanted to play the Deadshot mission (I think its important to use the entrance from the roof!)


9. Suddenly Deadshot was back and i could play the mission again!


I have absolutely no idea what i did, if i did anything at all Smiley Very Happy
I assume that the corrupted file reset the mission log, or whatsoever^^


Just wanted to share this and i hope you can fix this problem too!


Handle this carefully, im not responsible for any gamebraking changes you do when you change the ini file, its just what i did. Do at your own risk!


Best regards

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Re: Deadshot Mission Bug - SOLVED !

It's been patched in today's patch Smiley Happy


Glad to see it worked!





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Re: Deadshot Mission Bug - SOLVED !

when will patch come out for ps3 played yesterday had same problem plus blackgate prisioners mission not there