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This stupid captain

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So im fighting this overlord, and he is super difficult. Has killed me 5 times now on normal difficulty. He is the assassin from on of the earlier quests that you and Gollum track down. Well he is now a legendary warlord. Here are his abilities: Poison Warder, Mighty Warriors, Poison weapons, Gang of warriors, agile, no chance, throwing knives, dark strikes, arrow-proof, curse immune, stealth immune. 


The only way to even damage him is in open combat, where he can duck and dive around all of your attacks, he hits you once, all your health is gone and draining, he can keep pace if you try to run away, or he can just stop and stab you with a knife, then he just kills you outright because you get no chances. plus he has no weaknesses, imagine that...

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Re: This retarded captain

I like to make one of my high level marksmen my bodyguard, and then summon him on one of the archer ledges during difficult overlord battles.

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Re: This stupid captain

Summon a Graug or Drake either crush him or burn him

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Re: This stupid captain

The marksman body guard is a good idea.


But, he isn't immune to frost or executions or fire, so you have a lot of options here.


Vault and freeze and wail on him;  Execute.


Wail on his buddies to build up Might and Wrath and go to town.


Summon a Graug and/or  an Olog bodyguard to keep his minions busy and wail on him.


Full Might - Explosive Shot him and light him on fire.

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Re: This stupid captain

Try what I do:

Run around in the open world for a bit, killing orcs to build up Wrath.

Attack the fortress, making sure to stay away from enemies that have Curse attacks, and DON'T USE ELVEN RAGE.

Then, when you get in the Overlord fight, use it as soon as he's in range, focus on him, and don't use the quick fire move since he's immune to arrows. Just execute him a bunch until his health is low, then you should be able to finish him off.

Also, consider brining a bodyguard for protection, and summon a Graug for crowd control.

Hope this helps.