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Shadow of Morgoth (spoilers)

I personally did not care for the ending of Shadow of war.  After the intense twist of Act 3 you essentially have to do 20 fortress battles then you're shown a cutscene that could have been 20+ hours of actual gameplay. After two games of building to Celebrimbor's hate for Sauron, the end's just like "then Lord of the Rings happens. The End."  Here’s my idea on how the third installment can redeem this:


After the decades spent battling Sauron in the shadow wars, Celebrimbor was driven mad in his quest for power and blinded by it. After the defeat of Sauron, Celebrimbor is cast to the north, where he plots his revenge against middle earth. He plans to fulfill the prophecy and resurrect Morgoth from the Timeless Void in order to bring about “Dagor Dagorath” (The Battle of Battles) and control Arda. At some point he finds a new vessel and raises Morgoth. After Morgoth rises, Arda falls into shadow. Morgoth brings with him his old armies and creatures such as Ancalagon the Black. Whether you play as Talion, a new character, or multiple characters, you will have to build an army and to fight against Celebrimbor and Morgoth in the Final Battle of Middle earth.

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Re: Shadow of Morgoth (spoilers)

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Celebrimbor would never summon another dark lord


 next game should be about Eltariel and Celebrimbor

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Re: Shadow of Morgoth (spoilers)

Intense twist of act 3? I foresaw Talion becoming a ringwraith from like the opening cutscene.
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Re: Shadow of Morgoth (spoilers)

Hope the next game is without this traitor celebrimbor. It sucked enough to play this shadow of the past missions after knowing the end of the story.