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Monolith is at the Gates!

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Brick by brick, you've built your Fortresses across Mordor. With tales of battle scarred into their walls. Uruk and Olog Warchiefs standing watch at the battlements. Now it's time to take a look and see just how monolithic your defenses have grown.


This week, we're challenging the Xbox One-inclined among you! If you think your Fortress can withstand our sieges, follow 'MonolithXbox' on Xbox Live – and this Friday, during our next stream at 3 PM Pacific, we'll be on the war path.


Now, there will be some rules in the interest of keeping an even playing field:

  • Your eligible Fortress must be: In Nurnen and Level 200 or below.
  • You must have at least 4 Captains
  • Each Captain must have an upgrade
  • You must add ‘MonolithXbox’ with your Xbox Live account.
  • You must be prepared.

Make sure your defenses are ready. We’re coming for you.

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Re: Monolith is at the Gates!

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We are adding another account for PC users!


The Steam account is "Monolith.Social". Friend Us if you want us to siege your fortress!


Same rules as the Xbox account apply! 


You can now have 5 Warchiefs

lvl 400 is the MAX,

You STILL need 1 upgrade per captain. 


Also feel free to do any region. PC we are a higher level.