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Bruz (Spoilers)

What did you guys do with your deranged bruz after you did all of his missions? I made him a level 60 warchief in Seregost.

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Re: Bruz (Spoilers)

I made mine a Overlord but he got himself killed. I raised him and now he is my undead bodyguard. He looks different now too, wearing a metal mask over his face with glowing green eyes. Doesn't talk anymore either, just moans and grunts. 

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Re: Bruz (Spoilers)

I chopped off the traitor's head.

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Re: Bruz (Spoilers)

Made him overlord in Gorgoroth, put him into the fight pits to level and he died... I resurrected him then sent him off on a mission he had no chance of winning and he was never seen again
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Re: Bruz (Spoilers)

I killed him. Bruz sucked