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Wonder Girl and Giganta Are Here!

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Wicked women and fantastic females are owning July in DC Legends! Wonder Girl is armed with the powers of the gods, while Giganta is ready to use her awe-inspiring size against her enemies. Doctor Poison and Supergirl are better than ever with their reworks.

Also, the Teen Titans are still making their presence known this month with a “Teen Titans Team Challenge” and Nightwing PVP events.

WONDER GIRL: Champion of War

Log into DC Legends every day for the month of July and get the chance to win Wonder Girl fragments!

With powers inherited from the god Zeus, Wonder Girl relentlessly fights evil and protects her friends.

Super Powers:

- Wonder Combo: Damage to an enemy. +50% Crit Chance if target has any buff. Legendary: 50% Additional Damage. +100% damage and Can't Miss if Enraged.
- Boon of Olympus: Give 3 Strength up and 15% Turn Meter to all allies. Give 2 additional Strength Up if all enemies have 1+ buffs. Legendary: Purge 2 debuffs from each ally.
- Lasso of Lightning: Damage to all enemies. Double damage if all enemies have 2+ buffs. Legendary: Purge 3 buffs from all enemies.
- Birthright: Each time an enemy gains one or more buffs on their turn, 65% chance to gain 1 Str Up. Legendary: Additionally gain 2 Crit Chance Ups.
- Divine Balance: At the start of each enemy's turn, if that enemy has 6+ buffs, purge 2 buffs and 100% chance to use Lasso of Lightning. Legendary: Also purge 3 debuffs from Wonder Girl.

STR = 1,586 (+1,040)
AGI = 1,404 (+710)
STA = 1,391 (+925)
INT = 1,241 (+205)
HP = 23,163 (+6,350)
SPD = 84 (+35)

GIGANTA: Colossal Criminal

After an untested procedure gave her the ability to grow in size, Doris Zuel devoted herself to a criminal life as Giganta.

Super Powers:

- Giga-Stomp: Damage to an enemy. Apply 10% True Damage if Giganta has +5 Stamina Ups. Legendary: 50% chance to use Growth Spurt if Giganta's HP is below 30%.
- Growth Spurt: Gain 5 Agility Ups, 5 Stamina Ups and 5 Affinity Resistance Ups. Legendary: If Giganta is Taunting, increase duration of buffs given by 1 Turn.
- Can You Hear THIS?: Heavy damage to an enemy. Apply 3% True Damage per Stamina Up on Giganta. Legendary: Gain 4 Taunts.
- Look At Me!: 50% chance to gain 3 Stamina Ups and 1 Taunt at the beginning of every enemy's turn if a teammate's HP is below 40%. Legendary: Also apply 3 Agility Ups to teammates with HP below 40%.
- I’m The Toughest!: Gain 2 Agility Ups every time anyone gains a Strength Up. Legendary: Use Growth Spurt at the start of battle (sets Cooldown to 2).

STR = 1,264 (+915)
AGI = 1,144 (+710)
STA = 2,034 (+675)
INT = 1,170 (+150)
HP = 27,092 (+7,600)
SPD = 62 (+30)

DOCTOR POISON: Master of the Toxic

Thanks to an obsession with the toxic and noxious, the mysterious Maru earns her nickname as Doctor Poison.

Super Powers:

- Virulence: Special Damage and apply 3 Bleeds to an enemy. If target already had Bleed, apply 1 Bleed to a random enemy. Legendary: Bleeds on target have duration increased by 1.
- Antivenom: Heal all allies. Additional 2% True Heal per Bleed on enemy team (Max 20%). Legendary: Cooldown -1.
- Gas Grenade: Apply 1 Bleed to all enemies. 10% True Damage to enemy team. Additional Light Special Damage to enemy team per Bleed on enemy team. Legendary: Apply 2 Heal Immunities to random enemies.
- Master of Poisons: At the end of her turn, 61% chance for all enemies to take 1% True Damage per Bleed on enemy team (Max 30%). Legendary: Also apply 1 Bleed to a random enemy and maximum True Damage possible raised to 45%.
- Master of Antidotes: At the beginning of her turn, 61% chance to Light Heal all allies. Legendary: If there are 6+ Bleeds on enemy team, double amount healed.

STR = 1,281 (+230)
AGI = 1,422 (+660)
STA = 1,367 (+675)
INT = 1,549 (+1,245)
HP = 20,423 (+5,800)
SPD = 67 (+30)


SUPERGIRL: Last Daughter of Krypton

Kara Zor-El has all the awesome powers of her Kryptonian cousin Superman but with the impulsivity and uncertainties of a teenager.

Super Powers:

- Heat Vision Sweep: Damage and apply 1 Crit Chance Downs to all enemies. Legendary: Apply 2 Additional Crit Chance Down and Heal Immunity.
- Strength of Hope: Apply 2 Affinity Resistance Ups to all allies and 28% Turn Meter to a random ally. Legendary: Apply Death Immunity to a random ally.
- Boulder Slam: Damage to all enemies. +50% damage if an ally is below 50% health. Legendary: Apply 7 Critical Chance Downs to all enemies.
- Save the Day: Gain 40% Turn Meter and apply 2 Agility Ups to all allies each time an enemy gains a Crit Chance Up on their turn. Legendary: Also gain 3 Strength Ups.
- House of El: All enemies gain -40% Critical Damage. Legendary: At the start of each ally turn, 70% chance to grant them 1 Agility Up.

STR = 1,555 (+610)
AGI = 1,340 (+735)
STA = 1,465 (+675)
INT = 1,250 (+435)
HP = 21,404 (+6,350)
SPD = 81 (+40)


The completion reward this month is Cyborg: Vic Stone. Clear your PVP board to gain Cyborg fragments!


Wraith Tournament:

Doctor Poison: Master of the Toxic (7/2 - 7/9)
Giganta: Colossal Criminal (7/10 - 7/16)
Supergirl: Last Daughter of Krypton (7/17 - 7/23)
Starfire: Warrior Princess from Tamaran (7/24 - 7/30)
Raven: Daughter of Demons (7/31 - 8/6)

Gems Blitz Tournament:

The first Gem Blitz Tournament is Mystical Blitz! Only Mystical heroes can be used on your team to compete. This tournament runs from 7/6 - 7/8.

The second Gem Blitz Tournament is Villians Blitz! Only villains can be used on your team to compete. This tournament runs from 7/20 - 7/22.

Showdown Tournaments:

Nightwing is the reward for both Showdown Tournaments. The board clear for these tournaments will be Huntress.

Legendary Showdown: 7/12 - 7/15
Hero Showdown: 7/26 - 7/29


July brings a few amazing events to DC Legends!

First up, we have the 10-Day events “Finding the Way” (7/7 - 7/17) and “We Stand Together” (7/21 - 7/31) for Wonder Girl fragments.

Terra gets a 6-Day event with the “Troublesome Challenge” (7/14 - 7/20).

Finally, to celebrate the Teen Titans going to the movies, we have a very special new 6-Day challenge. For the “Titans: Go For It!” event (7/28 - 8/3), you’ll need to use only Teen Titans heroes to face off against Deathstroke in the toughest challenge yet for DC Legends! Get your Titans to the highest rank possible to complete the challenge!


Kid Flash: The Fastest Kid Alive
- Fixed an issue with his ability “Flash Flurry” affecting an enemy’s turn meter, even if the ability missed.

Killer Croc: King of the Sewers
- Fixed an issue with his ability “Cannibal Claws” not giving Buff Immunity when an enemy is taunting.

Starfire: Warrior Princess from Tamaran
- Fixed an issue with her ability “Glad You Are Ok!” triggering when allies mend or heal off-turn.
- Increased the percentage of her ability “Glad You Are Ok!” to trigger maximum of 75% instead of 60%.

Various display fixes

Have fun!