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Upcoming Content For March 2018




March is your lucky month of green, bringing together supernatural powers with demons and other-worldly heroes. You’ve been asking for them and now they are almost here! Have a look at the fan favorites coming next month!


Born under an ominous sign, tragedy has followed Constantine his whole life and hardened him into a sharp-tongued cynic who just so happens to be one of the world's greatest protectors against supernatural threats. Though accomplished in the occult arts, his greatest talent lies is his ability to manipulate and outwit both his enemies and allies alike.

Constantine prefers not to get his hands dirty, but when the chips are down, can pull out powerful magical spells to defeat his opponents.

For Constantine, his teams have some “Greatest Hits,” with Etrigan, Power Girl, and Red Robin. He can also go into “Debuff Madness,” with Harley Quinn: Mad Jester, Zatanna, and Supergirl.

ETRIGAN: The Demon


A Rhyming Demon, strong and vile,
Spawn of demon lord Belial,
To mortal Jason Blood he's bound
For keeping Camelot safe and sound.
This Demon Knight from Avalon
With sorcery from an age bygone
Defends the Earth with fire Infernal
While cursed to a life Eternal.
When dark schemes of evil powers
Plunge Earth into desperate hours
Jason Blood and allies proud
Will speak the summ'ning rhyme aloud:


Etrigan is a fiendish combination of self-healing and killer damage. He bathes whole teams in hellfire and celebrates his wake of destruction by leaving defeated enemies in his path!

When it comes to best team comps, get ready for an “Unnaturally Long Life” with Enchantress as Lead, Swamp Thing, and Bane. There’s also the “Classic Adventuring Party,” with Dr. Fate as Lead and Wonder Woman: Defender of Justice protecting and giving Intelligence Ups to Etrigan and Mera.

JESSICA CRUZ: Green Lantern Co-Defender of Earth

After barely escaping a criminal gang that murdered her friends, Jessica Cruz struggled with crippling fear and guilt. This made her the target of a power ring from the Anti-matter universe that fed on her fears and controlled her actions. But Jessica fought back, breaking free and earning a place in the Green Lantern Corps. Now as a rookie recruit, she fights her self-doubt while defending the Earth from cosmic threats.

With her Power Ring, she can build defensive shields and when under pressure, deliver a devastating construct attack.

As a Leader, you can team her with Arkkis, Lobo, and Wonder Woman: Defender of Justice. Or create a green machine team with Swamp Thing, Cyborg Superman, and Poison Ivy!

SWAMP THING: Champion of the Green

After scientist Alec Holland was killed by a bomb while creating his revolutionary Bio-Restorative Formula, a strange new being arose from the destruction. As an avatar of the Green, the Swamp Thing is the Earth's chosen guardian of the environment and able to control all plant life. But with the memories of his human life, is the Swamp Thing a man transformed into a plant god or a plant that dreams of once being a man?

Swamp Thing's greatest new evolution is the ability to revive his entire team on time of his death. Swampy's moves have a renewed focus on keeping allies healthy while his mighty Verdant Coffin will truly bury his enemies!

Try the “On The Mend” team with Medphyll as the leader, Mera and Aquaman: King of Atlantis. All four heroes grant Mends on their basics, fueling Aquaman and Mera's big attacks. Mera provides targeted Damage Immunity, while Medphyll and Swamp Thing reduce incoming damage. Or you can try the “Land, Air, and Sea” team with Cheetah, Clayface, and Siren. Clayface's Invisibility team buff helps Swamp Thing revive with the most impact. Swamp Thing's legendary debuffs are kindling to ignite Cheetah and Siren's Bleeds and Turn Meter.


We’ve listened to your comments and feedback about heroes in the game, and in our upcoming updates, we’ll continue to introduce new and reworked heroes that keep your teams competitive. As a part of that effort to keep the game healthy and fun for everyone, we are planning changes to two important DC Legends heroes: Deathstroke and Lobo.

When one of Deathstroke’s teammates dies, now the buffs he gets will have a 2 turn duration. And the Main Man will be able to revive up to 3 times in a single battle along with an increased chance for him to trigger his Spacehog Surprise after successfully reviving. We feel these changes keep both characters powerful and useful while also balanced against other heroes in the game.



Etrigan: The Demon (3/5 - 3/11)
Jessica Cruz: Green Lantern Co-Defender of Earth (3/12 - 3/18)
Martian Manhunter: Last of the Martians ( 3/19 - 3/25)
John Constantine: Hellblazer (3/26 - 4/1)


Batman: Caped Crusader
Sinestro: Yellow Lantern
Zatanna: Mistress of Magic
Bane: Venom Addict
Lex Luthor: Assault Warsuit
Chemo: The Deathless Doom
Swamp Thing: Champion of the Green
Doctor Poison: Master of the Toxic
Catwoman: The Princess of Plunder
Robin: Damian Wayne
Cyborg Superman: Man-Machine of Steel
Hawkgirl: Champion of Thanagar
Jessica Cruz: Green Lantern Co-Defender of Earth
Martian Manhunter: Last of the Martians
Mirror Master: Roguish Reflection
Doctor Fate: Sorcerer of Nabu
Enchantress: Possessed Witch
Katana: Samurai Warrior
Mera: Queen of Atlantis
Raven: Daughter of Demons
Shazam: Billy Batson
Vixen: Avatar of Animal Life
Wonder Woman: Champion of the Amazons
Etrigan: The Demon
John Constantine: Hellblazer
Clayface: Basil Karlo
Red Robin: Tim Drake


Get ready for an out of this world, limited time Alliance rewards. The larger and more active your alliance is, the better you’ll do.

Be on the lookout for special rewards for Alliance Goals and Alliance Leaderboards...

MARTIAN MANHUNTER: Last of the Martians

As mysterious as he is wise, we don’t know much about this hero, yet.