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Shadow of War Xbox One Patch Notes: Patch 4

Xbox One X Enhancements and Support:

The latest Xbox One patch for Shadow of War implements enhancements and support for the new Xbox One X console.  Here is a breakdown of the most important information regarding this update.


UHD Textures

Shadow of War on the Xbox One X utilizes Ultra High Definition Textures.  These are delivered through the Xbox One X Intelligent Install process and will be automatically downloaded for any user playing the game on an Xbox One X.


4K Cinematic Pack

Users can download an optional 4K Cinematics Pack for free via the Xbox One Store.  The 4K Cinematic Pack renders cinematics at 4K resolution.


HDR Support

High Dynamic Range is supported on both the Xbox One X as well as the Xbox One S. 



This feature will provide a higher quality image for users playing the game in 1080p resolution on Xbox One X.


New Graphic Options

Two new graphic options are available for Xbox One X users:

  • Favor Resolution – This option has increased texture detail and targets a 4K resolution.
  • Favor Quality – This option has increased texture detail, increased draw distances, improved shadow and lighting quality, increased vegetation, improved ambient occlusion, higher polygon counts (keeping higher quality LODs on screen for longer), and texture filtering improvements.


Additional Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where some users who purchased a digital pre-order of the Silver or Gold Edition of the game were not receiving the Legendary Champions War Party and corresponding Silver or Gold War Chest in-game.
  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements.