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Poetry Night in Mordor

This upcoming Thursday (July 20th) we're going to be throwing a celebration in honor of you, the community and we're putting on a very special stream to commemorate it! While the Shadow of War team is on the road down at San Diego Comic-Con, there'll be a gathering to meet and greet with the fans - and we're going to have exclusive time with our VP of Creative, Michael de Plater. And if you're lucky, he just might read some of your writing!

We're calling on you to write your best Shadow of War or Shadow of Mordor inspired poetry - or riddle - in whatever format you see fit. Whether you're a fan of the new Tribes that will rule across Mordor, the Nemesis you battled against in Udûn, or the special bond between Celebrimbor and Talion - we want to see what you've got!

A couple quick things to keep in mind:
- All submissions must be in before Wednesday, July 19th!
- Keep your submissions appropriate for families, if you please.

Post your submissions, in the General Forums right here!