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Kudos – What are they?

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From all of us here at WB Games, we want to thank you for being part of the Batman: Arkham Origins online community! To everyone who has been posting their ideas, experiences, and content on these forums – thank you! Your contributions really help shape this community and make this a great destination for Arkham fans to discuss all things related to the Arkhamverse.


These forums were built with a great new feature that gives extra power to all members. Anybody can participate and start using it, from the casual lurker to the heaviest poster:


The Kudos System


Many of you have probably noticed this icon that appears after a new post: . When clicked, the Button on the right gives the creator of the post a Kudos. The more people that like the post and mark it as such, the more Kudos the author will receive. It’s a great way for you as a member to recognize the contributions of fellow members.


 billy mays here.JPG


Some of our members who have been with us since the launch of the community may have noticed that we have ranks based on a member’s time and activity in the forum. For instance, if you have been registered for 4 days and have made 5 posts, you would move up from a “New Member” to a “Trainee.”


To make sure members in the community who choose never to post can also get some of the bonus unlocks like Custom Avatars, @member call outs, and Group Rights, we have adjusted our system to allow users to rank up based on Kudos giving activity.  So, for those voracious readers of threads, if you give Kudos to the best posts, not only are you helping promote some of the best activity, you’ll be ranking up as well.

We have also configured the system so that those members who receive Kudos will also be able to rank up faster as well. Kudos can represent a win-win-win for the writer, the reader, and the community.  


Finally, we will be rolling out two additional Kudos based features in the near future.


  1. Kudos Bonuses for high standing members in the community. The higher in the community a member rises, the more value their Kudos will have. It will never be too much, but for the higher levels, it might be double or triple the value of a new member. Those members who are in the community the longest will be able to bring great content into the fold, helping to ensure the best posts are being seen more often.
  2. Kudos Leaderboards - This community hub has the ability to not only track the Kudos given to a user (obviously) but to track the total Kudos and compare them. Members will be recognized for their hard work in our digital space, and other members will be able to follow them and look at their posts. 


Now, for all of those members in the community who might be worried about disingenuous members gaming the system, “win-trading,” or falsely altering their Kudos presence… We as admins and mods have the ability to track anomalies in this system and override actions.  We hope it never comes to this, but the Community Team can revoke, void, and in extreme cases, reset a member’s Kudos (likely accompanying a temporary suspension) should a member act outside the spirit and rules of the community.


We hope this helped you to better understand the Kudos system. Should you have any questions, feel free to post your comments in the Feedback Section of the community.




WB-Yorick and the Arkham Community Team

I am the overall Admin for the whole of Feel free to contact me with ideas or questions about the forums themselves. For questions about the games hosted here, contact the individual manager for that title.