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June 2018 New Heroes!!!




Get ready for a hot June with Starfire and Kid Flash coming to DC Legends! Also, they have been the topics of many community conversations for updates, Blue Beetle and Terra are the reworks for June. Plus, Gorilla Grodd news!

KID FLASH: The Fastest Kid Alive

When the Flash defeated the Reverse-Flash Daniel West, his son Wally started down a dangerous path towards a criminal life. Worried, Wally's aunt Iris asked Barry Allen to show him a better way. Just as he had a change of heart, Wally was struck by lightning and given speedster powers from the Speed Force. Now as the newest hero to call himself Kid Flash, Wally is learning how to be the Flash's sidekick and a Teen Titan.

Using powers from the Speed Force, Kid Flash slows down his enemies while also speeding up himself and his allies.


His teammates make Kid Flash faster by gaining Speed Ups, and he makes them faster by granting them Turn Meter! Use him with Solomon Grundy, Lex Luthor: Survival Support Suit, and Cyborg to form the “Hurry Up!” team.

STARFIRE: Warrior Princess from Tamaran

Koriand'r was born a princess on the planet Tamaran. When her home was threatened by their enemy, the Citadel, she was betrayed by her sister and sold into slavery to appease them. Eventually escaping her captors, Koriand'r found a new home on Earth and a new family in the Teen Titans. With her ability to absorb ultraviolet radiation and unleash powerful starbolts, she defends her friends on her new world.

Starfire is able to build up power as her allies are hurt, to later unleash it as mighty and devastating attacks.
Let Starfire's teammates grant her Intelligence Up so she can blast away the enemy team!


Try her on the “Smart and Powerful” team of Batgirl Leader, Doctor Fate, and Gorilla Grodd.

BLUE BEETLE: Jaime Reyes

Jaime was a typical teenager until he came upon the mysterious Blue Beetle scarab. Originally possessed by Dan Garrett and then Ted Kord, the parasitic scarab attached itself to Jaime’s spine. Bonding permanently with the entity, Jaime was able to tap into new powers that his predecessors never dreamed of. Though its origins are obscure, Jaime has formed an unusual ‘partnership’ with the alien creature and is now the latest hero to call himself the Blue Beetle.

Blue Beetle fights against shielded enemies by configuring his armor to do more damage against them.


Destroy shielded teams with devastating attacks that go straight through their defenses! Check him out on the “Shield Wrecking Ball” team of Cheetah, Ares, and Power Girl.

TERRA: Troubled Teen Titan

The illegitimate daughter of the King of Markovia, Tara inherited the ability to control all earthen matter. But while her half-brother was raised as a super-hero, Tara had a more troubled upbringing estranged from her family. She fell in with the mercenary Deathstroke and was used by him as an agent within the Teen Titans. With divided loyalties and psychological trauma, Tara is a dangerous enemy and an even more treacherous ally.

Terra unbalances enemies to make them easier to hit, then delivers crushing attacks against both her foes and friends.

Silence your enemies and punish them with waves of relentless attacks with the “Stay Quiet!” team of Deathstroke, Dr Fate, and Black Canary as Leader.

Gorilla Grodd Updates

Since we introduced Gorilla Grodd and his superior intelligence to DC Legends in May, we’ve been following the community feedback about his gameplay and appearance. As we’ve played Grodd, we felt the King of Gorilla City needed a few changes. So now, all humans will tremble before the might of King Grodd!



Killer Frost: Dr. Caitlin Snow (5/28 - 6/3)
Kid Flash: The Fast Kid Alive (6/4 - 6/10)
Terra: Troubled Teen Titan (6/11 - 6/17)
Starfire: Warrior Princess from Tamaran (6/18 - 6/24)
Blue Beetle: Jaime Reyes (6/25 - 7/1)



Green Lantern: Hal Jordan
Cyborg: Vic Stone
Flash: Fastest Man Alive
Green Arrow: Emerald Archer
Green Lantern: John Stewart
Nightwing: The Aerial Avenger
Star Sapphire: Carol Ferris
Wonder Woman: Princess of Themyscira
Terra: Troubled Teen Titan
Blue Beetle: Jaime Reyes
Hawkgirl: Champion of Thanagar
Killer Frost: Dr. Caitlin Snow
Deathstroke: The Terminator
Robin: Damian Wayne
Red Robin: Tim Drake
Green Arrow: Castaway
Penguin: The Gentleman of Crime
Jessica Cruz: Green Lantern Co-Defender of Earth
Reverse Flash: Professor Zoom
Raven: Daughter of Demons
Wonder Woman: Defender of Justice
Vixen: Avatar of the Animal Kingdom
Gorilla Grodd: Psychic Mastermind
Silver Banshee: Wailing Wretch
Starfire: Warrior Princess of Tamaran
Kid Flash:The Fastest Kid Alive