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How To Redeem Your Pre-Order Items

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How do I redeem my pre-order items?
If you pre-ordered a digital download of Middle-earth: Shadow of War, the Legendary Champions War Party and Exclusive Epic Sword of Dominion will be available when you launch the game.
If you pre-ordered a physical copy of Middle-earth: Shadow of War, depending on your retailer, a redemption code will either be e-mailed to you, or will be printed on your paper receipt at the time of pick-up.
Please follow the redemption instructions included with your code.  A general guide to Digital Game code redemption on each platform can be found in the WB Games Support Center here.
After you redeem the code, the next time you launch the game the Legendary Champions War Chest (containing the War Party) will be available in the MARKET within the Unopened Chests Garrison in the section entitled ‘Promotions'.
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You can equip the Epic Sword of Dominion from the INVENTORY in the game. Select Sword, highlight ‘Sword of Dominion’ and then select Equip Gear.