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Gorilla Grodd and Silver Banshee Are Here!


The brightness of May is getting overshadowed as Silver Banshee and Gorilla Grodd storm into DC Legends! Read more about Silver Banshee’s devastating wail and Grodd’s superior intelligence in their full kits below. Killer Frost and Hawkgirl are receiving the rework treatment with impressive changes to their already stunning abilities.

SILVER BANSHEE: Wailing Wretch

Silver Banshee is the login character for May!

Beware of the rampaging Silver Banshee or her Death Wail will be the last thing you ever hear!

Super Powers:

- Cursed Strike: Normal Damage to an enemy, Apply 3 Bleeds. Legendary: 100% Additional damage if target has ANY immunity.
- Banshee Stare: Special Damage to an enemy, 100% Chance to apply Heal Immunity. Legendary: Purge all positive immunities.
- Death Wail: Special Damage to all enemies, 20% Chance to stun a random enemy if any enemy has a Positive Immunity. Legendary: 30% Chance to use Death Wail when a buff purge move is performed by an ally.
- Eye for an Eye: 100% Chance to give Death Immunity, True Sight, and 3 Intelligence Ups to a random ally when an ally dies. Legendary: Apply Buff Immunity to all enemies when an ally dies.
- Ghastly Spirit: 40% Chance to Gain Invisibility when an enemy takes Bleed Damage. Legendary: Also apply Stun, Silence, and Crit Immunities to all allies when an ally is stunned.

STR = 1,411 (+230)
AGI = 1,230 (+660)
STA = 1,217 (+675)
INT = 1,764 (+1,245)
HP = 18,917 (+5,800)
SPD = 76 (+30)

GORILLA GRODD: Psychic Mastermind

Ruthless and smart, Gorilla Grodd will stop at nothing to reach his goal: Conquering the human world with his gorilla army.

Super Powers:

- Grodd's Rage: Damage to an enemy 45% Chance to Stun the target if Grodd has 3+ Intelligence Ups. Legendary: Steal all Intelligence Ups on target
- Psychic Leader: 4 Intelligence Ups to self, 2 Intelligence Ups to team if an enemy is Stunned. Legendary: Give 2 Speed Ups to team.
- Gorilla Slam: Special Damage to all enemies, 60% Chance to call Grodd's Rage. Legendary: +3 Agility Ups to the Team.
- Thirst for Blood: 100% Chance to Gain 3 Intelligence Ups on Grodd and 2 Intelligence Ups on a random ally when any hero dies. Legendary: Apply 2 Speed Ups to self and random ally.
- Speedforce Memory: 70% chance that all allies get 3 Speed Ups when an enemy gets Stunned. Legendary: Call Assist.

STR = 1,403(+255)
AGI = 1,321 (+610)
STA = 1,308 (+700)
INT = 1,588 (+410)
HP = 20,080 (+10,100)
SPD = 75 (+35)

HAWKGIRL: Champion of Thanagar

Born to Egyptian royalty, Kendra Saunders has lived and died countless times, and has been reincarnated as Hawkgirl.

Super Powers:

- Thanagarian Strike: Damage to an enemy 35% chance to Stun. Legendary: 20% Chance to strike a random additional enemy. 80% chance if target was Stunned by Thanagarian Strike.
- To the Nth Power: Purge 3 Debuffs and apply Crit Immunity to all allies 80% chance to Purge extra debuff. Legendary: 20% chance to apply Debuff Immunity to all allies.
- Charged Blow: Special Damage to all enemies, 15% Chance to Stun each enemy, +10% chance if any teammate has a Positive Immunity. Legendary: Cooldown -1.
- Heavy Strikes: Gain 50% Turn Meter if an enemy gets Stunned on a team member's turn. Legendary: 40% chance to call Assist if Hawkgirl Stuns an enemy on her turn. Legendary 2: 100% chance to call Assist if Hawkgirl Stuns an enemy on her turn.

STR = 1,442 (+915)
AGI = 1,364 (+710)
STA = 1,418 (+675)
INT = 1,388 (+150)
HP = 20,930 (+7,600)
SPD = 71 (+30)

KILLER FROST: Dr. Caitlin Snow

After an accident gave her cold powers and turned her into a deadly heat vampire, Dr. Caitlin Snow now struggles to atone for her past crimes.

Super Powers:

- Ice Spear: Special damage to an enemy 25% chance to Stun target if target is Stunned. Legendary: 50% damage if target is Stunned.
- Freeze Solid: Stun and apply 2 Speed Downs and -30% Turn Meter to an enemy. Legendary: Cooldown -1.
- Shatter: Special damage to target, Apply 3 Speed Down(2T) and 15% of target's max health as damage if target is Stunned. Legendary: Remove all Shield from target.
- Heat Absorption: Killer Frost heals for 24% max health when an enemy is Stunned. Legendary: Freeze Solid Cooldown -1 and 20% Turn Meter Up when enemy is Stunned.
- Cold Reflection: 65% Chance to use Ice Spear when an enemy is stunned. Legendary: Gain 2 Intelligence Ups when an enemy is Stunned.

STR = 1,371 (+230)
AGI = 1,399 (+660)
STA = 1,323 (+675)
INT = 1,529 (+1,245)
HP = 19,982 (+5,800)
SPD = 73 (+30)



Wraith Arena:


Killer Frost: Dr. Caitlin Snow (4/30 - 5/6)
Gorilla Grodd: Psychic Mastermind (5/7 - 5/13)
Hawkgirl: Champion of Thanagar (5/14 - 5/20)
Killer Croc: King of the Sewers (5/21 - 5/27)


PVP COMPLETION BONUS: Clear all opponents in your PVP Arena board and you will be awarded fragments for Aquaman: King of Atlantis!




This month DC Legends has two new Showdown tournaments! Unleash your highest ranked heroes in the Legendary Showdown event, where Legendary 1+ heroes are required. If you are still powering up your team, you can access the Normal Showdown with any hero, no matter their rank!


Red Robin Legendary (5/10 - 5/13)
Red Robin Normal (5/24 - 5/27)


PVP COMPLETION BONUS: Clear all opponents in your PVP Showdown board and you will be awarded fragments for Batman: Cape Crusader!




May has 2 10-Day events and 2 6-Day events.


Win Silver Banshee fragments in the 10-Day events “Wail of the Banshee” (5/4 - 5/14) and “The Sound of Death” (5/18 - 5/28).


The first 6-Day event, “The Ultimate Challenge” (5/11 - 5/17), will give you Doomsday: The Ultimate fragments. For the second 6-Day event, “Canary Cry Challenge” (5/25 - 5/31), you’ll win Black Canary: Dinah Laurel Lance.



Dr. Poison
- Fixed an issue where her “Gas Grenade” ability was causing an ally with on-death ability to trigger multiple times


- Fixed an issue where he was losing his Awareness buff without being hit


- Fixed a text issue for his “Perfect Aim” ability; should now state “Can’t Miss”


Black Canary
- Fixed an issue with her ability “Wildcat Haymaker” giving Stun debuffs to enemies with Debuff Immunity


Various display fixes