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February Content Is Here!

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See how DC Legends celebrates the month of love with a Gotham-filled February!


RED ROBIN: Tim Drake


After training as the third Robin, Tim Drake became his own hero as Red Robin.


Super Powers:


  • Sweep the Legs: Light Damage and purge 2 buffs from enemy. Legendary: Apply Buff Immunity to target if Red Robin is Invisible.
  • Tech Support: Apply True Sight and +80% Turn Meter to friendly target. Legendary: Red Robin also gains True Sight and +25% Turn Meter.
  • Tactical Strike: Damage and purge 4-5 buffs from enemy. Legendary: Can’t miss; Purge +2 buffs if an enemy is Taunting or Invisible.
  • Into the Shadows: If any hero is Invisible at the end of a turn. 65% chance to gain Invisibility. Legendary: Also purge 1 debuff from each ally.
  • Young Justice: 30% chance to use Sweep the Legs at the end of every ally's turn, if any ally has True Sight or is Invisible. Legendary: 25% chance to use Sweep the Legs twice.




  • STR = 1,361(+1,040)
  • AGI = 1,366 (+710)
  • STA = 1,389 (+925)
  • INT = 1,377 (+205)
  • HP = 23,143 (+6,350)
  • SPD = 92 (+35)


CLAYFACE: Basil Karlo


After playing monsters on the Silver Screen, Basil Karlo now haunts Gotham City as an unnatural shapeshifter.


Clayface is February’s login hero! Be sure to login to DC Legends the whole month to receive Clayface fragments!  


Super Powers:


  • Slinging Mud: Apply Damage and Speed Down to target. Legendary: Steal 1 buff from target.
  • Roar of the Monster: Gain Taunt and apply Invisibility to other teammates. Apply 10 Agility Up to all allies. Legendary: Use at start of combat (sets cooldown to 3); use at start of any turn if Clayface has Invisibility (and no Taunt).
  • Mudslide: Apply Damage and 2 Speed Downs to all enemies. Legendary: If Clayface is Taunting, gain an Overheal.
  • Stick In The Mud: When attacked, 55% chance to Silence attacker if Clayface is Taunting. Legendary: Also steal 1 Positive Immunity from attacker.
  • Re-Formed Criminal: Immune to Critical Hits. When Clayface reaches 0 HP, 30% chance to gain a Heal. +30% chance per Invisible character on either side. Legendary: Purge all Bleeds and Negative Immunities on Clayface at start of his turn. (Bleeds will still do damage and Mend healing will still be blocked, THEN the debuffs will be cleared).



  • STR = 1,385 (+860)
  • AGI = 1,563 (+305)
  • STA = 1,423 (+1,195)
  • INT = 1,231 (+180)
  • HP = 26,183 (+11,900)
  • SPD = 73 (+23)


CATWOMAN: The Princess of Plunder


A world-class thief and burglar, Selina Kyle's greatest theft might be stealing the affections of Batman


Super Powers:


  • Whiplash: Damage to an enemy, always purge 2 Buffs and gain 2 Speed Ups if Catwoman is Invisible. Legendary: Steal all Awareness and True Sight from target. Purge 5 Buffs if the target has a Positive Immunity.
  • Misdirection: Gain Invisibility and Turn Meter Up +40%. Invisibility duration +1 if teammate is Taunting. Legendary: On dying, 50% chance to use Misdirection, gain 8 Evasion Up and Heal.
  • Hit and Run: Damage to an enemy, gain 3 Speed Ups. Apply Stun to target. Legendary 1: Purge all Buffs on the target. Legendary 2: Apply Stun to target. Steal all Positive Immunities on target if Catwoman is Invisible (before purge).
  • Distraction: 38% chance to gain Invisibility and Heal on a turn when Catwoman or a teammate takes damage. Legendary: Also gain 1 Evasion and 1 Speed Up.




  • STR = 1,289 (+1,040)
  • AGI = 1,443 (+710)
  • STA = 1,250 (+925)
  • INT = 1,291 (+205)
  • HP = 21,749 (+6,350)
  • SPD = 77 (+35)


ROBIN: Damian Wayne


Robin's invisibility now gives him increased chances for Crit Ups and Turn Meter gains.


Super Powers:


  • Ambush: Damage to an enemy, +60% Crit chance if Robin is Invisible. Legendary: 50% chance to gain Invisibility. Increased Crit Damage if target is Silenced.
  • One With Shadow: Gain 3 Invisibility. If Robin is already Invisible, gain +41% Turn Meter and Heal. Legendary: Gain 1 Strength Up and 1 Crit Chance Up per Invisibility buff on team (max 10).
  • Niten Ichi-Ryu: Damage to an enemy, apply 6 Bleeds if Robin is Invisible. Legendary: Apply Silence.
  • Shadowmeld: 60% chance to gain Invisibility at the beginning of Robin's turn. Legendary: Use One With Shadow on enemy death.
  • Assassin Training: Each ally has a 51% chance to go invisible when critically hit. Legendary: If a teammate gains Invisibility and Robin is invisible, Robin gains +25% Turn Meter and 2 Crit Ups.




  • STR = 1,391 (+915)
  • AGI = 1,324 (+710)
  • STA = 1,256 (+675)
  • INT = 1,290 (+150)
  • HP = 19,309 (+7,600)
  • SPD = 98 (+30)




Clear all opponents in your PVP Arena board and you will be awarded fragments for Hippolyta: Queen of the Amazons!




  • Superboy: Jon Kent (1/29-2/5)
  • Robin: Damian Wayne (2/5-2/12)
  • Red Robin: Tim Drake (2/12-2/19)
  • Catwoman: The Princess of Plunder (2/19-2/26)



With much love, February brings you two 10-Day events and two 6-Day events.

Starring Clayface fragment rewards, we have the 10-Day events “Hidden Evils” (2/3-2/13) and “Breaking the Mold” (2/17-2/27).


In the 6-Day events, you can win Mirror Master: Roguish Reflection fragments in the “Roguish Reflection Challenge” (2/10-2/16) and Shazam: Billy Batson fragments in “Power of Shazam Challenge” (2/24-3/2).  




We have dropped the shop prices for Essence. The ‘Gems to Essence’ pack now has 500% more value and the ‘More Gems to Essence’ pack has 625% more value! We hope you spread the love to your heroes as you upgrade their Level and Gear!




Arkkis Chummuck: Green Lantern of Sector 3014


  • Fixed text descriptions for Paragon and Toomeyan Fist Super Powers to more accurately describe their gameplay.

Shazam: Billy Batson


  • Fixed a bug where his Legendary 2 Fortitude of Atlas was not giving the 25% chance of using Strength of Hercules when an ally was attacked
  • Fixed a bug where his Fortitude of Atlas ability was not giving the correct amount of Overheal

Joker: Clown Prince of Crime


  • Fixed a bug where The Killing Joke triggers multiple times after Joker is defeated.

Various display and stability fixes

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