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Elite Challenge: Middle-earth's Worst Bodyguards

The members of Sauron's Army come in all shapes, sizes, and mental states. While some choose their strategies wisely, others have made more questionable life choices.

For this week's Elite Challenge, you're going to track down the Uruks and Ologs that are dangers… to their bosses.

Is there a Warchief in your local Fortress that’s got a mortal weakness to fire, and has a Bodyguard throwing around fire bombs? Is there one who’s mortally weak to Caragors, with a bodyguard that calls them in every chance he gets? We want to see it – and, we want you to fill an entire Citadel with mismatches on an epic scale.

The first player to send us a verified entry wins a Mithril Edition on the platform of their choice!

Here's how to join in:

  1. Find a Citadel in any Region. (NOTE: It can be controlled by you, or by The Dark Lord.)
  2. Learn the Weaknesses of every Warchief charged with defending that Citadel, and set them up with a Bodyguard that triggers their Mortal Weaknesses.
  3. Document it, and send it to us! Photos should be sent to: (Be sure to include your birth date, your home address, and a brief description of your newfound ally!)

Once we get your entries, we'll start digging through them. And like usual – we'll be working off of the same legal rules: Found here.