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Dean Ambrose should main event wrestlemainia this year

First things first, I don't hate Roman. I'm a huge fan of him and can't wait to see what becomes of him in the future provide his booking is stable. However unstable booking is what caused me to write this.

IMO Ambrose should main event wrestlemania, I have nothing against reigns it's just that everybody else does. I don't want to see reigns fizzle out so soon.

It can start with Ambrose winning at fastlane, and Roman turning on heel on him. This can set up a mini fued and match for the IC at the March To wrestlemania live event in which Roman wins. Then obviously Dean would be in a position where he can win his first WHC from triple H at the Stage of Stages.

Reasons IMO this should happen is so reigns won't main event mainia 2 years in a row giving his haters something to bitch about. Also all 3 shield members would have held the WHC and I'm curious to see what deans custom plates would look like. Reigns as heel with the IC championship would definetly bring out his character more so when he turns face people would definetly be on his side. They can save Reigns Vs Cena until next year where Cena can pass the torch onto Reigns.

Obviously proper booking is the key to all this.
Tl;Dr- Ambrose WHC, Reigns Heel IC champ character ripening
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Re: Dean Ambrose should main event wrestlemainia this year

I kind of agree - unfortunately, it doesn't look like the WWE agrees....


If you saw RAW last night, the heel turn has already been teased, with Ambrose attempting Dirty Deeds on Reigns...


The fatal 5-way looked almost "spur of the moment", as why else would Stardust be in it.... Kudos to Cody, who seems to be relegated to Barry Horowitz status - even Ziggler has more wins in the past few months!


With KO winning the IC Title back last night, I think we have Ambrose's WM feud setup - KO vs Ambrose will probably be match of the night, again, as they might be the WWE's best uninjured performers.


The WWE seems to be caught in a bind, with tons of A-List talent on the injury shelf. I'm wondering if the Fatal 5-way was booked after hearing from one of Cena or Rollins' doctors that they would be unavailable for WM... because Reigns can really only face HHH at WM if Cena or Rollins aren't available (I can't see him fighting Ambrose as this blows 2 slots for big matches instead of 1).


I would be shocked, however, if Daniel Bryan didn't come back as guest referee and perhaps GM to replace the authority after WM....

The WWE VERY RARELY promotes a wrestler after they retire unless they continue to have some role with the company - so Daniel Bryan fans can expect to see more of him I hope.... just not as a wrestler Smiley Sad  And if Cena, Orton and Rollins CAN'T make WM, then I would expect Bryan for SURE to participate in some way.


If you watched the Stone Cold Podcast after RAW with Big Show, you got a spoiler of how his feud with the Wyatts will end (Wyatts will win) - the show itself was quite hilarious, and the WWE censors missed a few cuss words from Show, who was brutally honest at times, as well as hilarious!


This leaves the Wyatts free to feud with Brock Lesner at WM, which I think could be an amazing match (or matches, if they go the gauntlet route).

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Re: Dean Ambrose should main event wrestlemainia this year

Dean is nt capable to main event wm 32
Roman he can n he will
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Re: Dean Ambrose should main event wrestlemainia this year

@AAKASH97 at what infos are you looking when you say that? Wrestling isnt that much about winning, its about the storyline and entertainment. Just watch the RR. Watch fastlane. And listen to how reigns gets booed everytime he gets the upperhand. Do you really think the crowd wants him as champ?
I cant remember seeing him in a entertaining feud in the last two years. Ambrose actually had some (his feud with Seth was entertaining and also helped developing his character,same with his feud with bray). Reigns is basically cena 2.0: kicks out every finisher at a 2-count (just look at RR where he was barraged with LoN's finishers and slammed through a table only to come back 10mins later) and targets to be the hero for 6-10 year old kids. You know why he fails that much ? First of all , they are shoving him down our throat, regardless if we want him or not. And second: he draws extreme xpac heat , making him unusable as a face.
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Re: Dean Ambrose should main event wrestlemainia this year

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Well, the "real" main event will most likely be Lesnar/Ambrose... so you kind of get your wish...


Their is such a dearth of healthy talent right now, so that every match is predictable (and when they go against what is predictable, the audience doesn't cheer - they go, HUH like with the Wyatts last night).


HHH vs RR would have been a great matchup - except that we all saw it coming like 6 months in advance!! 


Rollins getting hurt (not to mention Cena, Orton, Daniel Bryan and Cesaro) basically leaves the WWE with only 5 main event talents: Ambrose, Reigns, Lesnar, Takerand HHH (they've crushed Bray, who otherwise could have been a 6th, and Taker and HHH can only wrestle sporadically at their age)...


So who else can he face? He already faced Lesnar, he won't turn on Ambrose, and he has to WIN, so Taker is out... He's already feuded with the Wyatts anyways, so Bray would be out even if he had won last night...


Like it or not, with only 2 babyface full-time main eventers left, Dean and Reigns have to be in separate matches - so Dean/Brock and HHH/Reigns it is...