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tired of passive uruks

How come everytime one of my legendaries goes up against a common in the online fight pits, that common wins because my guy literally refuses to hit his opponent. This is the most frustrating thing ever. I find myself literally yelling at my screen because of things completely out of my control. Especially because this is after like 10 matches ina a row where my epic uruk gets teamrolled by a legendary (as he should be). I thought they were supposed to fix the ai. WTF

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Re: tired of passive uruks

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yes, our overlords attack very slow, the enemies attack fast

our overlords attack the warriors or archers or caragors ignoring the real enemy: the enemy overlord

and i saw my archers shooting my overlord instead of shooting the enemy


odds are against our overlords




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Re: tired of passive uruks

This is due to monolith not updating the ai properly. If your overlord have a gang of olog for example or any gang, your overlord would not even attack the enemy. Monolith should really update the dam ai. But if you really want to win i suggest u get a berserker captains or a olog.