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Stories are more important

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Hi there



I've been thinking about online pit fights and sieges, etc


I think in this universe, the stories are way more important and interesting than fighting orcs, i mean, online pit fights and sieges are fine, i'm not against it


but i think that IF there will be some new DLC, these should be new stories, like , about Carnan, Elves and Humans fighting new uruks or barrow wights, new regions, even if this new regions are not big, there is so much potential in this universe, that focusing a bit too much on orcs is like wasting time and ressources


i loved the main and side quests, 


i'd love to see more of Shelob, Carnan, Eltariel, Sauron as necromancer

new fortresses like Dol Guldur, new forests like Mirkwood, 


new wildlife


new non-orc characters to interact with, everytime we want, ingame

new non-orc  bodyguards, to call in as reinforcements, like Baranor, Eltariel, a mage/sorcerer 



new items to use, like torches, bombs, decoys, bait, 




share your thoughts/suggestions 


thanks for reading Smiley Happy

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Re: Stories are more important

I would love to see more of Shelob too. If you know what i mean.