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SPOILERS: My Favorite Story of this game.

Alright, so we all know how Bruz' story ends. The Bright Lord destroys his mind and leaves him a bumbling mess. Well, after discovrering that Bruz still existed in the nemesis system, I decided to recruit him. He would serve as a reminder to my Orcs as to what happens when you betray me. We fought many battles together in Gorgoroth. He even helped me in the Overlord fight. I considered making him the Overlord, but decided that wouldn't make much sense. He would be a Warchief instead. He was there in the final charge on the bridge to Barad-dur, and even saved my life at one point.

Cut to Shadow Wars, Stage 9. The Warmonger tribe attacks and takes the fortress. Bruz is one of only 2 survivors. Apparently, his shattered mind sensed my weakness. As i was stalking a prospective recruit, a shout was heard across the plains of Gorgoroth. 


Bruz, sensing my weakness, had betrayed me once again. In my surprise he caught me off guard and killed me. Screaming he never wanted the fort at my currently-lifeless body, he then went to the New Overlord, Killed him, and took his place.

The Olog Who Never Wanted The Fort suddenly had The Fort.

Enraged, i buitl my army and assaulted the Fort. I stormed through, slaughtering all that stood in my way. My Army was little more than witnesses to the Carnage of an enraged Bright Lord.

Finally, i got to the throne room. Striding in, covered in the blood of a hundred Uruk, I stood before Bruz one last time. Still, he Screamed about never wanting the fort. The whole battle, thats all he said. Every strike, every cut, every hit. "I never wanted the fort, its your fort, It was always your fort! Just take the bloody fort!" His cries haunted me, they still do to this day. My rage at his final betrayal waned into pity as I began to understand his actions. My confusion as to why he took the fort he so feverishly claimed he didnt want gave way to understanding. He wasnt lying. He never wanted the fort. He wanted it to end.

He wanted to die.

He knew I wouldnt just grant him that mercy unless my hand was forced, so he did the only logical thing his fractured mind could do. Using the little willpower he maintained, he conquered his fear and he took the fort to force my hand. As he dropped to his knees after nearly an hour of slaughter all over his throne room, his eyes were filled not with fear, or rage, or even hate, but with relief. What i thought would be a moment of sweet and satisfying vengeance had turned into the opposite. It was not with hate and rage that i delivered the killing blow and took off his head, but instead it was with pity and mercy. Bruz had wanted an end to the suffering I had caused him, and I gave it to him.

No other Orc would betray me for the rest of the game. The mercy i showed Bruz was only understood by me and him. As i kicked his head from the top of Gorgoroths fortress, the others would know never to betray me.

And that is why Shadow Of War will always be a great game to me.

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Re: SPOILERS: My Favorite Story of this game.

Hell yes! Kick as story.