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Random orcs vs loot boxes

So do you guys think random orcs that you dominate are better than loot boxes orcs? For now i dont see any difference... except that almost all random orcs that i have to get i have to shame and after that they suck. And are orcs better to get at a different difficulty?
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Re: Random orcs vs loot boxes

I would recommend opening the silver chests when you have the mirian. Most are going to be trash, but there definitely are a few gems in there, and I've gotten 3-4 good legendaries from it. The main downside honestly is spending a lot of time going through each orc and deciding whether to trash or keep them. As far as which is better, I don't think there's a big difference. I've gotten good and trash orcs from both. I would tend to prefer finding orcs randomnly in the world, as I think it adds more to the story and experience than just assigning an orc from your garrison, but definitely recommend opening silver chests for orcs if you don't mind all the time spent looking through them. And beyond that, the chests for actual $ are good in terms that you get guaranteed epics and legendaries but in my experience this is no guarantee of good traits so it's still very RNG based.
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Re: Random orcs vs loot boxes

i just dominate and recruit all captans i find

i have some epic and legenadry orcs in garrison, 

i delpoyed two, they are epic, not an advantage against random ingame orcs


legendaries are often more powerful than random orcs 

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