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Orc with Horn helmet, doesn't ever attack

He looks cool but he won't do a thing in pit fight...


Like every Orc that I've gotten with the Horn helmet if you know which one I mean, but he so useless.

Most Orcs don't ever attack back, like I think Monolith should go back and rework on their coding for these Orcs that doesn't attack as often during a pit fight or whatsoever. 


This should be something that Monolith should look to improve if they added the "Ranked Pit Fight" 

Its not PvP, but its still something I believe should be work on. 


I know/We know Monolith said they improve the Ai combats but I still very much see the same issue from Mordor 


And there are also some Orcs that sometime just do chain attack after another straight killing the other Orcs without giving them a chance to attack back.


I don't really know how the Combat system works but its mostly RNG if you don't care to look at their Streanghts/Weaknesses