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Loadouts PLEASE!!!

With all of the skill, gear, and gem possibilities (which are tons of fun btw), this games NEEDS loadout functionality.


Others have mentioned this within different threads, but this deserves its own posting. With so much emphasis on customization, and the everpresent threat of adapting to your enemy, switching back and forth between your builds and abilities NEEDS to be quicker and more user friendly.

Imagine, one click and all of your gear, skills, and gems that you need are in place!


We should also be able to give these loadouts custom names for easy reference.


Many features in SoW remind me of The Division's approach to gear and customization, and they added a loadout feature not too long ago via a patch. So, loadouts should completely be able to be implemented.


Thanks so much!



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Re: Loadouts PLEASE!!!

yes, this is a great idea


there are a lot of skills, and we have to go to main menu then characters, then skills, t choose the sill we need, and go back to game, every time we have to change something



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