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Don't waste your time and money on this game!

I only spent 10 bucks but i spent like 10 hours making one of the fortresses awesome with more then 10 ledgendarys in the army, also ledgendarys as warcheifs and warlord. But when i came to a quest that you have to defend your fortresses for the betrayal of Bruz, 5 of my ledgendarys disappeared! They are just gone they didnt get to fight or anything, they are just gone. The 4 warcheifs that i rescued during that quest were not the 4 that i had on the list. Who knows what happen to my worlord he is just gone without a trace. I even checked my market hoping they got retured there, they didnt. Im done with this game and you should too before some BS like this happens to your game.

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Re: Don't waste your time and money on this game!

That's not a problem I encountered, perhaps because I am too cautious with my legendaries.  I'm sorry for your negative experience.  I've had a lot of frustrating moments too.  On the whole, I feel like I've gotten my monies worth, even having splurged for the gold edition pre-order.  I do believe the game will continue to improve in the future.  They seem to be close to implementing major bug fixes.  


I would love to see new game plus or a second save slot - basically anything that lets me replay the game and not risk losing my gear on my main save.  


Second, I would love a more secure save system.  They can save our garrison, why can't they save our inventory too?  I know some people will jump to their defense immediately (you know who you are), but the fact you can so easily lose your entire inventory, even after you pay for extra loot, is just unpalatable to me.  I actually did lose my inventory once after a drunk driver hit a pole and caused a power outage.  


I would love co-op, as was recently suggested - when I remember who suggested this, I will edit the post and credit you - it would be sweet to have a co-op conquest mode where you and a friend fight hordes of enemy captains.  Mix and match your skills to maximum effect, etc.  One could be talion, another calibrimbor, or even eltariel or Barinor when the DLC gets fleshed out.  Some of my friends won't check out this game just because it has no multiplayer component.  


And, as Demerren suggested, more story content would be a huge plus as well.  I hope the DLC expansions will be rich in terms of story missions.  


I think this game has huge potential.  I sincerely hope Monolith stays invested for a long time and helps it become the best it can possibly be.  

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Re: Don't waste your time and money on this game!

I can't believe this is still a thing. When it happened to me, I was furious. Almost exactly the same scenario... Had an idea of what was coming and spent a ton of time preparing for it. Pulled 2 captains from my garrison out of a pack I paid for, leveled them and everyone else as much as I could and went ahead with the mission in confidence.


Later I tried to justify it by telling myself that the game simply needed room... Spaces were needed for the invading forces, right ? But what I couldn't get over, what I can't or will not get over, is why the hell they weren't returned to the garrison. My captains didn't die. They were simply replaced by enemies. Half my army gone. No warning or explanation. And on top of that suck salad, the new enemies were suddenly blood brothers or rivals of my remaining captains, making my "revenge march" a sad spectale of betrayal and desertion or death.


I've tried to enjoy the game a few times since, but I'm constantly irritated and feeling like I'm just waiting for it to screw me. This, by far, hasn't been the only time captains have dissapeared. Every time I turn the game on somebody who I've invested in tremendously is now riddled with weaknesses, ready to stab me in the back or enegaged in a suicide mission that I can't do a **bleep** thing about. (Monolith the Insubordinate Lvl. 15 is currently raiding LOL.Die Lvl. 65) Awesome.


I won't give them another dollar. I went against all my convictions and preordered the gold edition and now I'm left with a $100 plus game that gives me nothing but frustration by turning all my efforts (and money) into the broken image you see here.

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Re: Don't waste your time and money on this game!

Yea I've stopped playing as well, hoping one day I'll check these forums and this game will be fixed. But from what I'm reading nothing is getting fixed. It's being patched and content added but not fixed. I've even seen people say it's only been out 2 months...2 MONTHS...and it's still has game breaking bugs.