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Challenging our Overlords

So we know for a fact that, after taking a fortress, we can watch as Sauron's army surges back to reclaim it. It also seems that we can either return to aid in its defense or allow our army to fend off the incoming waves on its own.


My question is: What role will our Overlords play in this defense? If they can't leave the throne room, then some challenger must be able to charge in and face our overlord in open combat. How will that work? Can we watch?


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Re: Challenging our Overlords

Supposedly the next gameplay reveal will be defense, so hopefully answers soon.


We do know that the Overlord determines the type of defenses and the garrison so that will help,


but, as far as being in the field I would imagine we could see them out fighting during the defense, since they don't have a Talion leading the charge. When we attack, it makes sense for them to be in the throne room for us, makes it cinematic and gives them an environment to augment their abilites. However when they are defending, there is no pc they are fighting against, just Uruks

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Re: Challenging our Overlords

I think that if there would be ability to let your overlord face the invading leader and i would watch it. I would definitely try it at least once.

though if there is your fortress at stake i hope there would be at least some neat reward if your overlord wins. Maybe some areas between the invader lands and your overlords current area or some loot or some boost for your overlord. There is so many possibilities.

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