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Where are human slaves? eaten? Question for devs.

When i was reviewing letsplays of shadow of war, i was kind of sad. there were no human slaves. Why? One of my fauvorite part time jobs in shadow of mordor was rescuing slaves, if by headshoting one out of 5 orks from 200 meters, guarding 3 slaves and then getting slaves killed is considered rescue. I mean, i always atleast tried to free the slaves when they were in my way. either by killing or dominating orks. and having weak back up of 15 slaves slowing down some captain until i could get another pack of arrows was nice too.


When minas irith falls, hundreds if not thousands of humans fell to orks. where are they? if they take POWs, aka gondorian soldiers that player can indeed free, why not have normal slaves around too? with possibility to free them, even if player would get 1 coin for every freed slave, or even no reward, i still took some time to rescue gondorian soldiers, even if those assholes run away while i was fighting their captors..


If player can bring mordor into perpetual war, i know what would help that cause even more. third side, gurriela consisted of freed slaves. there are already gondorians operating in the mordor, some of those that fled city after it fell. and by freeing slaves, player could give this human faction more power, resources, personel for own operations. (those operations would be much like dominated orks sneaking around and **bleep**ing **bleep** up basically, but would be tied to freeing slaves rather than simple killing of orks)


lastly, i dont know how hard it would be to implement something like this, but from what ive seen, there already are all mechanics in place for something like this, and it would give players like me motivation to play more, because i like being good guy who saved bunch of slaves.


Hope that some dev reads this, im sure im not alone in this opinion.

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Re: Where are human slaves? eaten? Question for devs.

I also miss rescuing slaves! Indeed it begs the question why there aren't any in this game besides the one quest I have in my log to rescue people taken at the sack of minas ithil.