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For the love of all that is gaming PLEASE give us detailed reports on our seige defense!

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I mean come on! You guys got MT's or it takes a crap load of hard work to build up an army. I want to know who i killed in their army, who was killed in mine, what of my orcs are getting killed, which ones were dominated, how long it took for them to win/lose, in what order were my points captured, etc etc etc. This would make online seige defense sooooo much more rewarding, addicting AND interesting. I know it can be done and how about some leader boards! Make this game mode more competitive!!!! The fact your taking MT's for this game means that this is not something that just deserves it but gaming justice DEMANDS it!!!!


I'm not complaining about MT's either. I bought a few just to see and its so fair that it's almost stupid to buy them. I've gotten god rolls in pit fighting that are 100x's better than what i got in paid loot boxes. I love this game. It's only been out for 11 days and I already got 7 game days, 11 hours logged with 3 back to back 48 hours play sessions put in.


The process of putting in work is as fun as hell, but the boring rating board does not put out valuable information.