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Easter Egg!

I found an easter egg, If you do Shao Kahn's brutality on Lin Kuei, Instead of him saying 'bound/bold/whatever to me!' he says 'i win!'

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Re: Easter Egg!


I decided to check it out and these are my results.

"I win" - Silver D'vorah

"All too Easy" - Lin Kuei

"Bow to me" - Saurian

"Bow to me" - Lin Kuei

Apparently he says different things depending on his mood doesn't matter which character.
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Re: Easter Egg!

There are three opponents and it goes something like this (at least how I remembered and observed it):

Assume Shao Kahn does the brutality (doesn't matter who or what order your opponents are).

1. If the first one gets the hammer and two opponents still remain.
- "I win" / "All too easy"

2. If one opponent was already killed and the second one gets the hammer.
- "Bow to me"

3. Two opponents were already killed and the last one gets the hammer.
- Shao Kahn laughs