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Difficulty Request

Can we get a Gravewalker difficulty for Shadow of Mordor? I heard that the more times you're killed, by the same person, the more likely you are to meet them again. I have never died more than once to the same uruk before I've offed them. This is a problem. I would like to create a story without just /letting/ myself get killed. There are probably 20 million dozen other people who have this same probably- they just won't die unless they let it happen.

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Re: Difficulty Request

Now that you & I and most of us are uber @ Orc slaying I think some skills make us too OP...Like 2 Last Chance instead of 1...

~I posted a idea last night to be able to turn-off skills like you can with sub skills....Last Chance 2me. c o m
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Re: Difficulty Request

Start a new playthrough but don't get any upgrades or skills. Excluding Death Threat and a few others. That's what I did and it was pretty much equal to Nemesis.