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Combat in this game is garbage

Struggling to find fun trying to fight groups. Getting mobbed while being pinged by archers causing you to lose might which prevents you from doing any AOE attacks. Weapon upgrades seem to do nothing vs the standard grunts as I haven't noticed more powerful weapons resulting needing any fewer hits to kill them. Constant targeting problems. Oh you can attack your own followers? Nice. So many times I want to attack a captain but no instead I'm passively beating on my own bodyguard because he is in the way beating on him as well. Good luck trying to dominate anyone mid fight even with the speed upgrades to try and gain back health. Getting poisoned may as well be a death sentence. Any fight vs anyone with a shield just ends up being vault over, stun, attack, repeat. 


Honestly it's all boring and aggravating and even at level 30 with likewise epic gear I feel like nothing matters and I am just an ant waiting to be mobbed to death. 

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Re: Combat in this game is garbage