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some suggestions from 100 hours in game guy

What about some new type of damage in SoW?

Sorry for my english, but i really enjoy the game. I really want new levels and abilities for Talion and new vulnerabilities for orcs. Here are some of my suggestions


1) Bleeding (new type of damage)

-hp drain
-might is blocked
-complicated "last chance"


visual effects on body:
Talion\Orc is bleed


visual effects on weapon:
in blood


2) Black Blood (new skill):

talion grabs the orc and strikes several blows with a dagger under the ribs and imposes bleeding.
explanation: now grab an orc and hit with a dagger pointlessly. so let it be a new perk.

-Ordinary Orcs are charged by wraith power and then explode.
-Ordinary Orcs are charged by wraith power and before dying spreading bleeding around by hitting other orcs
-Bleeding captain gets increased damage (1,5)


3) Fracture (new type of damage)
-max hp reduced
-all atack is non blockable
-might bust reduced


visual effects on body:
Talion\Orc looks weak and slow

visual effects on weapon:
additional weight on weapon

4) Breakthrough (new skill)
standart shoulder-blow (run+grab)

-Slip. Talion can knock down several orcs and shoot.
-Wraith kick. Wraith appears from Talion and strikes. Each stroke requires concentration.
-Hammer. Talion strike with hammer and imposes fracture and breaks shield

explanation: now slip is pointlessly, combination of 'run+stealth' is impossible to use in combat. Talion has "fracture" type from modification for perk.


Thanks you for attention!