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my opinon . what people think about the DLC . and suggestion

so il start by saying that DLC from my opinion it looked good but when i say the price i say it way overprices and just me but most people have been complaing so much about the DLC of shadow of war  shadow%20of%20war.docx . i hope this link works. and i thought maybe if in any way make it worth well for most people. why dont you reduce the price because i agree with them i mean 15$ for a small DLC its just too overprice. if it was like 5$ it would be fair enough. i know and i understand that you need to get money out of it . but think about it you have some many people complaing about out you can check steam if you want to see peoples comments. and for some as a suggestion for TRIBES can you make a new tribe and update with the game one that we dont have to pay OR pay few like 4$. otherwise not many people are gonna buy the DLC and agree with them it is not the impressive. well on trailer looks impressive but in gameplay not so much. so please i hope you understand if you can manage to figure a soloution for this DLC PROBLEM it would be best. because i  gonna spent so much money on DLC. not mention many people agree with that. because on steam you have so much mostly negative posts. which by that its gonna drop the repuation on the DLCs which makes people less chance to buy them. thanks for reading this i hope you keeping updating this game because i am never gonna stop playing it. but i really wish we could get the new tribes its a pity we have to pay so much money. but still thanks for this amazing game.