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Shadow of War Creation Center?

 It might just be me but i think it would be so cool if they gave people the option to create their own Uruk/Olog Captain and have them battle in pit fights, Or go into your own "Creation World" (Basically captains are still randomly generated, but you have the option to create other captains and alter relation ships between you and other orcs. Now i know this is lots so if they were to add it maybe make it a DLC? Have user pay to get this alternate world and create their own captains and alter their own nemesis system. Yes, I know this is basically re-making the whole game with a few changes but it will also allow players who have finished to fool around with this world too. Although there isn't anything stopping players from using this to test their own fortresses, or captains in the arena. So yeah, there is lots of stuff wrong with this idea. But i thought i would get it out there just to see weather or not people feel the same way.