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Potentional content in shadow of war

I have in mind a few ideas that could  be implemented in shadow of war:

-Separated garrison for orc from chest and orc from mordor ( it is really hard to remember all orcs and ologs names)

-Orc tales/history dlc: this would give diary where we could write a history about this uruk, logs and stats of that orc ( how many time he killed you, number of cheated death, all titles that he has since his creation, page where you can add some nemesiz and followers( your favourite and most hated with all logs,story write by you abouth them etd.). a page where we could serch other players history and favourites orcs (this page should be in game). that dlc should be half-free or full free. Half-free you can search others histories but you cant write your story until you buy this( it should cost less than 3 euros) or just free dlc for everyone.

- new type of grunt (whipper): it could be mix of savages and hunters. they could atack you by them wiph at midrange and on every hit you take you lose some might ( a litle bit more than you lose in counteratack of savages) and they could knock down or push back enemies hit by that ( uncounterable)

- online defend : player set up assault team and share it with other player and then the player chose to defend this fortress from assult online. Attacking orc dont die Permanently in siege  but  if you defend and some of your orc die he will stay dead. I am basicly trying to say make reverse fortress siege online.


If you read this thank you and sorry for english  ( this is not my native language).I am in act 2 btw so plz dont write any spoilers.

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Re: Potentional content in shadow of war

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Nice ideas but who would pay for a diary like that, I ask myself, realising that people actually would.
It is a neat feature though as are all these ideas. I think the garrisson needs far more overhaul than you suggested, especially: multiple delete, search function, a vertical scrolling system, favorites etc.
The only way to use it now is to find the first Orc that is not too shabby and deploy them. It also keeps from spending Myrian as buying silver chest is not a problem (I have 700k Myrian and selling my items would put me over a million easily) but opening them is tedious and I do not want to spend hours in the garrisson destroying Orcs.

They should also let you destroy Orcs right when you get them, while they are being displayed "this is what you got from the chest." 
Plus, I'm not interested in non-epic / non-legendary Orcs from the garrisson period.

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Re: Potentional content in shadow of war

I Always wondered why they had online fort attacks but not online fort defenses. I mean you have to set up an attack as well as a defense force for each area. I for one enjoyed the defenses a lot more, wish they had a que to go online with your forts defense and have random matched rank of attacking forces siege your fort.

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Re: Potentional content in shadow of war

-- well...... what i hav in my mind:   

the meaning of raise an army with powerful-captain-orc  is be watch it kick some other-gamer's ass when they play conquess online mission   so....... if  have some way   we can watch (spectator mode) only battles wich  our fortress defend victory  ... then  that's will be GREAT