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Clearer indicators for tribes

Just thinking is there a way that you could add in a clearer indicator from what tribe the orcs are from.


I was thinking, adding in their tribal symbol on their information, but only shows up when you get the information from the worms.


Just been finding when I am trying to unlock equipment and I brand an orc from, say the Marauder Beastmaster, or what I think is the Marauder tribe, is actually from the Feral or the Dark tribe.                                                                                 

I know that is an indicator in their name, such as


(Level) Noruk the Knife

           Dark Assassin (Epic).


You would assume Dark tribe, but say he was

(Level) Noruk the Knife

            Dark Beastmaster (Epic).


There's a chance he could be the Dark tribe of Feral tribe, right? If I am wrong then fair enough, maybe I need to be more observant, but this would be my idea 


(Level) Noruk the Knife

(Tribal Indicator) Dark Assassin (Epic).




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Re: Clearer indicators for tribes

Beastmaster is a class. All tribes can have them I believe.
All the names are put together the same way so, its always tribe then class.
Once you start to recognise the class labels it should help.

Oh there is an exception to the rule. When an orc is elemental, that will be the first tag in his name. So to use your example it would be along the lines of

(Level) noruk the knife
Fiery dark assassin
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Re: Clearer indicators for tribes

Thanks mate i"ll put that into practice