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i put in the wrong email when creating a WBID acoutn via the game, but i guess i put in the wrong name or somethin becuase i never got the email(i checked everythwere). so i went here and created an acount, but now i cant log into it on origins cus it wants me to confirm the obne i tried to create earlier so is there a way to change this cus its kinda anoying


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i know right, this same thing happened to me, i cant verify t email to get the skin, as the email i put is non existent, WB is there anyway to help us?
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Hi Trasen56,


Something you might try is unlinking your WBID from your console per the steps here. This should allow you to log in with another correct/working email for a WBID.


Thank you for your inquiry and I hope this can solve your issue!

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I had the same problem. I get spam from Brazil, Nigeria, Japan, UK, and the guy down the street, so I know my SPam filter's not blocking it.

I first tried to Sign Up for a WBID in the game itself, but it kept kicking me over to the wrong screen - it kept acting like I had clicked the "Login with existing WBID - oops wrong username/password" rather than CREATING a new account. Did anyone check this before they called it "done"?

Unfortunately, once you sign into the game with one, there's no in-game option to sign out, thus you can't sign in with another email/ID.

I was able to use my gmail address to create another WBID and for this site, and did receive the confirmation email there, but my game shows no WBID details, so I don't even know which ID the game is using!

And no, my 1 Million skin is not there. I got the New 52 skin and Noel for 100% completion, and in a New Game I can select those skins, but no 1 Million.

I've been to three different WB sites (AO, Non-Theatrical, and GCImpostors) trying to get this sorted out.

Patch it into the game so that you can log in/out with whichever WBID info works, because I'm not chasing you people all over the interweb. So help me God, I better not get one thing in my snail-mailbox with a WB logo on it, either.
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Well I did the recomended fix from the moderator and got no email regarding the suit so whatever. 

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I cant see the steps you are referring to....



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Make a New WBID and link it with the new one. It worked for me if it don't work then go onto an alt account and log into your WBID there it shoud wor for your real account aswell. Hope this helps.

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the link dont exist "HERE" hyperlink