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Park Row Enigma Datapack File 2 Bug

To be exact if you want to know the one Im talking about, go to your Most Wanted Hud, Go to Enigma, Park Row District, Extortion File 2, go to the 9th one (or 2nd from the right). This is the datapack Im having a problem with. I know where it is...the problem is Ive already gotten it but the game doesnt recognize it as so. In order to get it you have to get on the building directly above the datapack, run off the pressure pad, glide to the pressure pad directly across on the other building then back and hit the pressure pad right next to the datapack. The datapack container then opens and you are able to collect it. But Ive already collected this datapack, but the game does not recognize that I have. the datapack is gone, the pressure pads wont light up anymore and there is no way to redo it but the icon on the map still says its there and the Enigma hud doesnt say I collected it....please help

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Re: Park Row Enigma Datapack File 2 Bug

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For you and anybody else that runs into this issue, just know that it's not a bug. It's actually a data pack under the sewers! You have to get to the sewers the same way you find Bane's HQ; there's a tunnel on the right of the pressure pad building (by pressure pad buliding, I'm refering to the building that has the pressure pad data pack) and there is a door in the tunnel on the right.


Go through the door, which takes you to the sewers. Now, eventually you should see the data pack, but it's blocked by a gate. You have to throw remote batarangs behind the gate to activate 2 buttons. These buttons allow you to use the remote batclaw to make a tightrope to collect the data pack!


Hope that helps! 

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Re: Park Row Enigma Datapack File 2 Bug

Thank You NatetheGreat170, I kept thinking it was a gliche and was racking my brain thinking I did miss one. Even after watching video of it(I believe I had already gotten it as well) it didn't click. I almost restarted again if I couldn't get it. Thanks Again 

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Re: Park Row Enigma Datapack File 2 Bug

thank you very much

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Re: Park Row Enigma Datapack File 2 Bug

Im experianceing the same issue but its in the police interigation room it says its there but i got it